Sun and Moon Family festival

Sun and Moon – The family wellbeing Festival

So festival time is coming up and the hard core festival goers will be digging out their tents and wellies, but this year there’s a new festival, and they’re promising no wellies are needed!

The festival, called Sun and Moon, is a wellbeing festival, based in Plumpton College, in the South Downs, near to Brighton. Being based at a college, as the organiser Scott Doane explains, has certain advantages

“We have actual buildings as well as nature here. There’s camping yes, but there’s also bedrooms, indoor showers, toilets, and more importantly for us – 17 workshops rooms. We’ll be converting 3 of these into dance studios, 2 into yoga and pilates studios, and the other 12 into rooms for running the huge number of wellbeing workshops we’ll have going on”

Scott expects there to be something in the region of 400 activities, classes and workshops over the week long period that the festival runs (16th to 23rd of August)

Being an agricultural college, this remains a very rural and natural setting. There is an animal care centre with birds of prey, reptiles and all sorts of animals – something the children coming to the festival will be able to enjoy hugely, with daily visits and feeding courtesy of the college

Scott’s keen to point out that the festival is real family event. “We hope to have at least 20 different activities for children each day, ranging from a football academy led by an FA qualified coach, to Environmental Arts therapy, led by local artist Vanessa Jones – and everything in between!”

Now a week might seem a long time to spend at a festival, but with so much going on, it might just seem too short as well. You might say that the whole concept in fact sounds more like a holiday than a festival, and with only 4-500 people anticipated, it’s almost like you just got all your mates and family together and decided to spend a week doing everything you possibly could related to wellbeing

What about prices? Well, festival entry and camping for a week comes in at £230, which sounds like a lot compared to other festivals. But when you consider this is for a full week, and that many of the sessions here would cost £40 to £60 on its own – then it starts to look pretty reasonable really.

Rooms cost a bit more, with singles starting at £240, and food for the whole week is £160 – so if you go for the luxury version, you could easily spend £560 on the week. But you have a room, and food, and endless workshops to indulge in and learn from.

Then more good news for families – children pay no festival fees at all. And there are reduced prices for food and camping too

All in all this looks to be an interesting week – and not a welly boot in sight!

Sussex Green Living are going to be there delivering some Green Play workshops for the children, more information here. And with our Green Recycled Stand.


For more information checkout their website and watch the Facebook page for news, competitions and special offers:


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