FREE climate education & textile fundraising reduce CO2

‘The Future We Want – LESS C02’ Sustainable Solutions for West Sussex Schools Programme.

This programme saves schools money, makes money and reduces C02 emissions.  It also offers FREE KS2 ‘The Future We Want – LESS C02 assemblies and lessons.

Sussex Green Living, in partnership with Bags of Support an ethical West Sussex based textile recycling company, is offering FREE inspiring assemblies and lessons to schools and fundraising through textile recycling which in turn will help schools to reduce their carbon footprint and the effects of climate change.

It is a free programme for primary schools, regardless whether they are run by the council, an academy or independent. We offer:

• FREE ‘The Future We Want – LESS C02’ assemblies and lessons for year 4, 5 and or 6.

• Fundraising through textile recycling with environmental and social benefits.

• Advice on other sustainable solutions which can save thousands of pounds, raise money and reduce carbon emissions. One solution is the Ashden – LESS C02 schools energy efficiency programme for school management. Schools that take part  save on average £2,600 and 10 tons of carbon in their first year.

• Linked to the Sustainable Development Goals - Goal 7 Affordable and Clean Energy and Goal 13 Climate Action. Curriculum links – citizenship, geography, English and science.

Who are we?

Sussex Green Living – FREE ‘The Future We Want – LESS C02’ assemblies & lessons

Sussex Green Living is an environmental awareness and education initiative. Working in collaboration with Bags of Support, we offer advice on many solutions to raise money through recycling and FREE ‘The Future We Want – LESS C02’ assemblies, lessons and workshops. These sessions in schools offer unique and thought provoking opportunities which help children understand how humanity is affecting Planet Earth. We give them practical and simple solutions which they can implement through everyday living which will make a difference. With much emphasis on the environmental effects of the fashion industry.

We aim to inspire and empower every child to make more sustainable choices and encourage one world living, now and for future generations. Carrie Cort, who delivers the assemblies and workshops, trained as a Climate Reality Leader with the former US Vice President Al Gore.

Bags of Support – Fundraising and C02 reduction through recycling

Bags of Support is a West Sussex ethical textile recycling initiative. They reduce the volume of textiles sent to landfill, raise money for West Sussex schools and provide financial support and clothing donations to orphanages in Uganda and Romania.  

There are two versions of the FREE lessons  available:

1. Energy Eco Warriors

Children will use their numeracy and science skills through exploration of data associated with climate change, carbon emissions and energy use. They study energy, what it is and where it comes from, renewable and non-renewable, how it reaches homes, schools and businesses.

The knowledge gained is taken back into the community through a home challenge and quizzes. The lessons learnt show communities how to be a leader in energy management, saving money, creating less carbon, and wasting less of the world’s precious resources – truly heroic actions!

We offer a whole school assembly and lessons for year 4, 5 and or 6.

Subjects: science, geography, English and citizenship.

2.   Textile Eco Warriors  

This includes similar content to the Energy Eco Warriors but focuses on the environmental benefits of waste reduction and recycling textiles.

Teacher testimonial:

Carrie Cort has run two morning workshops for Yr 3 and Yr 4 and one morning for Yr 5 and Yr 6, the workshop themes were ‘Dreaming of a Healthy Planet’, ‘The Future We Want’ and ‘Green Inventors’. Through a combination of engaging hands on activities, informative PowerPoints and videos, children have been introduced to Green issues that affect them. The workshops have really made the children reflect on the impact modern life has on the environment and the need to change behaviour to protect their future. They produced work, including a letter to their M.P., which gave them a chance to voice their concerns.

Mrs Constable – Teacher of Yr 3 and Yr 4

Quotes from children attending the workshops:

“I learnt about an inventor who at 17 came up with the idea of an incredible ship which sucks plastic out of the sea, by 22 his idea was out there helping clear up the sea plastic. That really inspired me”

“I now know that people are making incredible new things out of rubbish, actually I now call it waste resources”.

“I did not realise that humans are using so many resources and that there is a limited supply, now I really understand why we must use less and recycle”.

“I loved inventing a wind powered car out of a Pringle tube, 4 CDs, 2 sticks, 1 straw and a balloon”.

Other testimonials can be read here.

Take action your planet needs you!

To discuss this programme, set up textile recycling which would help raise much needed funds for your school and reduce carbon emissions, arrange a date for a whole school assembly and some ‘The Future We Want – LESS C02′ lessons for year 4, 5 and or 6 contact Carrie or call 07768 212833.

Other green school sessions can be seen here.

Sussex Green Living is a social community environmental awareness initiative. Our constitution is available on request. Introducing our committee members:

Patron: Paul Bellringer OBE

Chairperson: Jenny Edwards Business Coach & Climate Reality Leader

Secretary & Communications Officer: Carrie Cort & Climate Reality Leader

Treasurer: Sarah Bamsey

Volunteers on this programme include:

Jill Shuker: Trained in 2012 as a WSCC Waste Prevention Advisor

Karrie Mellor: Founder of Bags of Support (West Sussex ethical textile recycling company)

Lots of other Climate Reality Leaders

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

Nelson Mandela
Former President Of South Africa


About Carrie Cort

My name is Carrie Cort, I set up Sussex Green Living out of concern for the way we humans are treating the planet which sustains us. With motherhood in 2008 came concern about environmental sustainability and a burning desire to learn how we can live more environmentally friendly lifestyles, in harmony with nature. I have always had a passion for the countryside, animals and the natural environment. Most of my career has been spent in marketing and communications, mainly within education and the landbased industries, latterly using the power of video communications. In an effort to help create a climate for change I decided to use my knowledge and digital skills to share ideas which anyone can adopt, saving money and the planet. I’m not an expert, just an ordinary person who is on a greening journey and wanting to pass on what I’ve learnt to others. Let’s all make some simple changes, become more resilient and try to lead simpler, less materialistic and consumerist way of life.
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