Wildlife Eco Warrior assembly & workshops

This workshop is a fun, informative and practical session, showing the synergy between biodiversity, environmental protection and upcycling. Led by Carrie Cort the founder of Sussex Green Living, this is one in a series of workshops Carrie offers.

In this workshop we generate ideas which  inspire our children to become the next generation of green champions. In turn these ideas can help them make decisions about the way we do things individually and collectively, both locally and globally. This will improve the quality of life now, reducing damage to the planet in the future. The workshop includes some hands on creative upcycling for the garden, e.g. butterfly hibernation boxes from TetraPaks, owl boxes out of old wellington boots, bird feeders out of plastic milk bottles.  Subjects: Science, PSHE, Art & Design and Citizenship.

Learn more about the Wildlife Eco Warrior session we ran for Annington Homes at Gamlingay Primary School in Bedfordshire…..

Pupils from Gamlingay First School in the village of Gamlingay, Bedfordshire took part in a fun and informative workshop about sustainability and being Green  on 16th March, thanks to local developer Annington. The workshop was designed to show the synergy between biodiversity, environmental protection and upcycling as they weaved together wildlife and waste in their school garden, as the first day of Spring approached.

The children took part in hands-on creative upcycling for the garden, crafting objects such as butterfly hibernation boxes from TetraPaks, owl boxes out of old wellington boots, and bird feeders out of plastic milk bottles.

Annington also treated pupils to a whole school presentation by Carrie Cort, an Environmental Communicator and ‘Eco Warrior’, to reflect the company’s sustainable ethos and consideration towards the local environment.

After her presentation, Carrie Cort challenged the children to each grow a sunflower from a seed. These will be planted at school and then taken home and cared for, with the children taking photos of how big their sunflower is at different points in the term.

Mrs Shelley Desborough, Head Teacher at Gamlingay First School, commented: “The presentation and the workshop has inspired our children to think about how they can be more sustainable day-to-day. It was great fun and the children are excited to see who can grow the tallest sunflower! Our thanks go to Annington for providing us with such a memorable day and lifelong lessons.”

Carrie Cort, Environmental Expert commented: “I have enjoyed being involved in this project with Annington at Gamlingay First School, and it has been a delight to inspire the children to lead a greener life. The children shared lots of ideas about how they could become the next generation of green champions. I am always pleased to be approached by businesses who want to highlight environmental issues, so thank you Annington for investing in this sustainable project for our children.”

Sally Parsons, Property Director at Annington, commented: “Wherever we build or refurbish new homes, we are committed to reducing our impact on the local environment and it is important to us that we find opportunities within the local community to share this message. Our project with Gamlingay First School is teaching children early on about the importance of taking care of our planet, starting at a local level.”

“Greening Sussex by Sussex families”


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