A Sustainable Future for Tourism Business

Green Hotels in Las VegasWatching the green movement travel around the world has been an incredible sight.  As businesses make the decision to change over to green building practices and sustainable materials, it’s important that they are recognized and applauded for doing so. This ultimately helps other businesses see the benefits of making changes and becoming greener. As a commercial contractor, I’ve worked with a variety of business owners who just want to get LEED certified. However, it’s about doing something more, and these organizations and tourism businesses prove that. Read more

Recycled and Truly Green Paint!

Newlife Paint - recycled paints

Newlife Paints contain a minimum 50% recycled content, they are a truly ‘green’, high quality AND economical solution to add the finishing touches to any build or maintenance project.  They are based in Ford, West Sussex so local with minimal carbon footprint when it comes to transportation!  Read more

Environmental benefits of LED bulbs

Environmental benefits of LED lightingWhat are the environmental benefits of investing in LED bulbs?

Lighting is one of the major areas of energy usage within the home, and LED bulbs finally offer a viable alternative to filament lighting – while still delivering a high standard of light output. Read more

Business Trends: The Future Looks Green

Wind powerPresently, businesses all over the world are focused on the development of sustainable and eco-friendly supply chains that can be built not only to support themselves, but can also actively improve the environment. Scientists are working to make sure green energy supply chains are environmentally friendly, while also being able to eliminate waste within the supply chain. Once this process is refined and is able to be rolled out to multinational industries, businesses will be able to uncover new opportunities to reduce costs. Read more

Local Organic Fruit and Vegetable Boxes

You might be interested in this supplier. They will deliver to your door fresh, locally grown organic fruit and vegetables.  Reduce your carbon footprint – buy local.
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Established: 1989