With a growing number of page views per month and regular exposure in the press and media, we have lots of advertising and P.R. options available for green, ethical and local businesses who wish to gain exposure on this, our multi award-winning website.

1). Display Advertising

We cater for 4 ‘display advert’ sizes and these are shown on this page. They pretty much fall in with the most popular industry-standard (IAB/UAP/Google) digital advertising sizes, so should therefore make life easier for advertisers who may have existing adverts.

  • ‘Banner’ (shown above):
    W708 x H90 pixels.
    This is based on the industry-standard ‘Leaderboard’ size (but just 20 pixels less wide) and is available as follows:
    – Single page position(s)  including home page, or;
    – Single post position(s) or:
    – Single ‘sticky’ post* position(s) when available occasionally;
    – (not available site-wide).


  • ‘Wide Skyscraper’ (shown left):
    W160 x H600 pixels.
    This is an industry-standard size and is available as follows:
    – Site-wide (just one spot is available in the right-hand margin, visible across virtually the whole site) or;
    – Single page position(s) depending on page layout or;
    – Single post position(s) depending on page layout;


  • ‘Rectangle’ (shown right):
    W180 x H150 pixels.
    This is an industry-standard size and is available as follows:
    – Single page position(s) or;
    – Single post position(s);
    – Single ‘sticky’ post* position(s) when available occasionally.
    – (not available site-wide).


  • ‘Medium Rectangle’ (shown right):
    W300 x H250 pixels.
    This is an industry-standard size and is available as follows:
    – Single page position(s) or;
    – Single post position(s);
    – Single ‘sticky’ post* position(s) when available occasionally.
    – (not available site-wide).

For advertisers interested in single page/post positions, it is worth noting that the exact spots are allocated on a first come first served basis, so don’t delay in choosing your preferred post or page!

Advertisements will include a hyperlink to your own website.


Rate Card

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* Unlike standard blog posts ‘sticky’ posts stay in the top blog post/position on the main blog page rather than dropping further down to a lower position/page when newer posts are added.  These ‘sticky’ blog posts will remain at the top for a month, then drop down the page and ultimately off of the main page, but will remain on the site for 3 months.

All display adverts attract a 5% discount if booked for 6 months and 10% if 12 months are ordered at the outset.

Supplying Adverts (Tech Spec)

  • Adverts must be supplied by the advertiser to the exact pixel-perfect sizes mentioned above and to the following specification:
    Resolution: 72 d.p.i. (dots/pixels per inch);
    Colourspace: RGB;
    File formats accepted: GIF, PNG or JPEG;
    We recommend that file sizes are optimised for the web so that they are fast loading.
  • Adverts must be ‘static’ (no animation, no Flash).
  • For customers who need help with the design and preparation of their adverts, we recommend that you separately commission our colleagues over at Pilot Design & Advertising Ltd, based locally in West Sussex (tel: 01798 815 960).

How do you book an advertising space?

If you have an existing advertisement please email us a copy and indicate your preferred position on the site. Once we have checked that your advertisement is compatible with our site niche, we will email you confirming its inclusion and position with an invoice attached. On receipt of payment the advertisement will be published. If you are unsure of the most suitable position and would like to discuss the options, please email us with your contact information and requirements, we will then call to chat through the options.

2). Alternative ‘Non-Display’ Advertising Opportunities

We also offer other ‘non-display’ forms of advertising and P.R. opportunities for organisations seeking exposure, links and potential SEO benefits without displaying an overt ‘display advert’ on our site. Please contact us to discuss the various options available.


3). Press Release Exposure

We may consider publishing press releases if the topic of your release is compatible with our site niche (e.g. if it relates to keeping Sussex ecologically ‘green’). There would be an administrative charge of £50.00 per press release and it would remain on the site for a year. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity email us a copy of your press release. Prior to publishing it we will email you confirming its inclusion with an invoice and our BACS details. On receipt of payment the press release will be published in our Green Blog area.


4). Green Video Gallery

Are you a green, ethical and local business with green values? We are currently building a green video gallery to promote green, ethical and local companies with green values, their products and services. If you are interested in featuring your video in this gallery please contact , more information can be found on the Video Marketing page here.

Advance payment required with all advertising orders.

Why add your video or advertise on Sussex Green Living?

Sussex Green Living is a fast expanding community of Sussex residents who are looking at ways they can make a difference. Oh and many other visitors from the World Wide Web of course!

It’s a community initiative benefiting the environment, wildlife, children and charities. As a result it gains regular press and media coverage with a growing page view per month.

Our Sussex Greener Living campaign raises money through recycling waste resources which should go to landfill. Directly benefiting four charities; Horsham Matters, Springboard Project and the Philippine Community Fund, also benefiting the William Penn Primary School in Coolham. Learn more here.

Sussex Green Living is passionate about communications and education which inspire and empower consumers, communities and businesses to work green, play green and live green. We want to help change behaviour and encourage people to live more environmentally and sustainable lives. We provide these advertising opportunities to help people and green, ethical and local businesses achieve these values.

Thank you for your interest in gaining exposure for your organisation, product or service on Sussex Green Living. Now please spread the word about this great way to connect Sussex families with green and local suppliers. Like us, Tweet us, Google+ us, Pinterest us and connect with Carrie Cort in LinkedIn……

Lets spread the word that we must all live greener and cleaner!

We want you, the people of Sussex, to take some ownership of the site. Forward your suggestions for events, videos, parks and green spaces etc. to be added to “your” site.

“Greening Sussex by Sussex families”