Recycled Stand

We are always keen to find opportunities to “Spread the word” about the need to live a greener and more sustainable life. So if you have a forthcoming event, fete or fair in Sussex, either indoors or outdoors which might be suitable please email and we will see if we can come along.

Alternatively you might like to invite some friends around for a coffee morning or a Green Party one evening.  We would be happy to give a talk about greener living and or show off some of our beautiful recycled merchandise.

On the stand we sell a range of up-cycled and recycled merchandise to show “there is no such thing as rubbish just a waste resource in the wrong place”. Some of the merchandise illustrated below has been made by the Philippine Community Fund (PCF), these poor families in Manila make beautiful goods out of our waste resources. The money raised from these goods goes back to the families and helps keep their children off the landfills and in the PCF school!

Other merchandise available includes recycled products for the kitchen seen in our ‘Green Home’ display above, ‘Green Garden’ products and lots of ‘Green Books’ about nature, wildlife, recycling and climate change. The full price list is available here (PDF).

Oh and you will also find on our stand Pedro our Sussex Green Living mascot, you can learn about him here. And our recycled robots which illustrate what you can and can’t recycle in your Council household recycling bin. Last but not least our recycled TerraCycle Tiger which shows ways charities and not for profit organisations can recycle more and raise money for their chosen cause.

Other services we can offer at events include:

So if you are organising an event which you think might benefit from a green presence please contact us on .

Want to get involved?

This is your Sussex Green Living! We would love to hear from you or just come to the next Horsham Repair Cafe session on the first Saturday of every month.

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Sussex people inspiring a climate for change