Are you a company or organisation with green values?

If so you can apply to include any relevant company promotional, product, service or educational videos in the Green Video Gallery, which we are currently building. If you don’t have a video and would like to commission one or perhaps need an existing video updating, then contact Carrie on 01403 256255 or email . Sussex Green Living is Take One Productions (UK) Ltd’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. Take One is a leading video and digital media production company based in Horsham, learn more here.

Green, ethical and local suppliers…..

These companies and organisations will include those from the green economy, ethical traders and local companies. Green and ethical ranging from – large multi-national corporates like Good Energy to Sussex based solar or green energy suppliers; Fairtrade retailers; certified organic healthcare and “green” cleaning product companies; children’s nurseries and educational groups with green values.

Local suppliers will include – meat, food and drink producers; fruit and vegetables growers and box delivery schemes. Buying local supports the local economy but also offers many health and environmental benefits, for example – food will be fresher with higher nutritional values and with a lower carbon footprint/lower food miles*.

The price to include your video for six months, if it is already hosted in Vimeo or YouTube = £100.00.

How do I book a space in the Green Video Gallery?

If you have an existing video please email us a link to the video, our price assumes it is hosting in Vimeo or YouTube. We will then ensure it is compatible with our site niche, you will receive an email to confirm its inclusion with an invoice attached. On receipt of payment the video will be published in our gallery.  If the video is not already in Vimeo or YouTube, please indicate the video format you are able to supply us and we will let you know the cost for inclusion.

If you don’t fancy the Green Video Gallery then you might like to learn about other advertising opportunities here.

Why add your video or advertise on Sussex Green Living?

Sussex Green Living is a fast expanding community of Sussex residents who are looking at ways they can make a difference. Oh and many other visitors from the World Wide Web of course!

It’s a community initiative benefiting the environment, wildlife, children and charities. As a result it gains regular press and media coverage with a growing page view per month.

Our Sussex Greener Living campaign raises money through recycling waste resources which should go to landfill. Directly benefiting four charities; Sussex Wildlife Trust, Horsham Matters, WAKOOS Centre 4 Children and the Philippine Community Fund, also benefiting the William Penn Primary School in Coolham. Learn more here.

Sussex Green Living and Take One Productions are passionate about using powerful digital and video communications to help support the green economy, the circular economy, ethical and local businesses with green values.  We produce high impact communications which will help the green revolution.

*Logistics statistic…. In the UK alone, supermarket lorries traveled 657 million km in 2004 – the equivalent of going to the moon and back 854 times. Source: Normal Baker MP, How Green is your supermarket. Things will have greatly improved over the last 10 years, but still…..local is best!

Thank you for your interest in gaining exposure for your organisation, product or service on Sussex Green Living. Now please spread the word about this great way to connect Sussex families with green and local suppliers. Like us, Tweet us, Google+ us, Pinterest us……Lets spread the word that we must all live greener and cleaner!


We want you, the people of Sussex, to take some ownership of the site.
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