Baby toilet wipes and the 3 P’s!

blocked pipes

Guess what this is?

I’m guessing you have heard about the 3 R’s in relation to waste – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, well have you heard about the 3 P’s?  Well Southern Water tell us more…..

Southern Water would like to remind customers to only flush the three Ps down the toilet – pee, poo and paper. Every day, homes are at risk of sewer flooding and beaches and rivers face being polluted because of blockages in drains and sewers.  This is because each year in the UK we flush billions of items, such as wet wipes, down the toilet that we should put in the bin, and pour thousands of litres of fat, oil and grease down kitchen sinks.

Simon Parker, Southern Water’s Head of Wastewater, said:

blocked pipes

Water pipes blocked with fat, oil, grease and baby wipes!

“Fat, oil and grease that is poured down sinks solidifies in the sewer and causes blockages.  Along with wet wipes, sanitary products and other non-biodegradable items flushed down toilets, fat is one of the biggest culprits in sewer blockages.  These blockages can cause toilets, sinks and baths to overflow inside homes, costing families hundreds of pounds to clear and if sewers flood outside, they can pollute the environment. That’s why we ask customers to only flush the three Ps – pee, poo and paper.  Everything else should be put in the bin.”

Customers can help prevent blockages by not pouring cooking oils, including vegetable and nut oils, down kitchen sinks.  Small amounts of oil can be disposed of by wiping pans with paper towels which can then be thrown in the bin.  Oil can also be transferred into containers, once they have cooled, before being thrown away or taken to a local household waste recycling centre.*

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* Note from Sussex Green Living……or why not consider recycling your cooking oil to power vehicles?  Learn about The Big Lemon community bus company who power their fleet of buses on recycled cooking oil here.  This reduces waste, saves CO2 emissions, provides local jobs, giving people affordable transport and contributes to a happier, healthier future for us all.


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