Recycling schemes explained

When you buy something, check the recycling labels before you buy. It’s best to buy items with 100% recyclable packaging, but the labelling can be hard, so use our easy-to-check list below. Remember that before you put it in the bin, it might be better to re-use, pass on or upcycle your items to give them a new life. The aim is to achieve zero waste by preventing things going to landfill or being burnt. The good news is that there are many recycling schemes, from your local council to charities and shops, as well as the Terracycling scheme which takes hard-to-recycle packaging.

RecycleNow has a postcode locator to help you find many locations that will take your unwanted materials.

The first step is to understand what your items are made of, and how the waste can be recycled, so please look at our handy guide below.