Imagination, dream and reimagine a Bright New Future

We are in the process of adapting our existing environmental education programme, The Future We Want, in light of the current health, economic and environmental crisis. Through our Bright New Futures programme, schools will be able to book free assemblies, lessons, workshops and eco council action planning sessions. Here are a few examples of the available topics:

·         NEW – Bright New Future Through The Arts and Storytelling

·         NEW – Bright New Future Through Dance and Song

·         NEW – Grow Your Own Revolution

·         Love Clothes and Planet

·         Energy Forever

·         Plastic-Free Sea

However, as providing school workshops in the classroom has become challenging given the current COVID situation, we are also seeking to provide education and inspiration in a safer, outdoor setting.

We are working in partnership with the School Woodland Project based in a magical ancient woodland near Billingshurst. Special outdoor learning days and holiday workshops will include: Storytelling, acting, singing and dancing in a woodland theatre, making wind turbines, exploring water filtration, inspirational upcycling, acorn foraging and planting in yoghurt pots, making hurdles, walking sticks, birch brooms, woodland jewellery, pegs for timber framing, thatching spars, cooking on a camp fire, and more!

Our Horsham Youth Eco Forum are planning a special day for school pupils in the Horsham area, their goal is to give local young people from all backgrounds the opportunity to experience, love, and protect our planet. The YEF members believe that protecting the planet begins with being inspired to love the natural world and so want to offer a day of eco-themed activities in the School Woodland Project woods.
The day would include the activities above plus:
• Outdoor dance workshop
• A nature walk
• Cooking, discussing and eating sustainable food together exploring pros and cons of different options (organic, local, plant-based, zero waste…)
• Storytelling/acting in the on-site eco theatrethere would also be the opportunity to get creative with making backdrops for the School Woodland Mobile Theatre, illustrating the importance of key climate issues.

Learn more about the Horsham Youth Eco Forum here.

The School Woodland Mobile Theatre will be available to visit schools and local events to work with children and communities on environmental issues in a fresh and creative way.

We are really excited to annouce another new partnership between Woods for Learning and Sussex Green Living, where schools in Horsham District will be able to take advantage of 2020 Willow World – Restart and Regrow. Contact Gary on or Carrie here.

What’s on offer? Energy forever assemblies and lessons. In school holidays we also run wind turbine making workshop, woodland theatre activities, making hurdles, walking sticks, birch brooms, woodland jewellery and forest school activities with our partners.

Assemblies and lessons – love our clothes & planet

Holiday fun learning about the power of the wind

Bright New Future Through The Arts and Tell Us A Story

Before offering our Bright New Future using art and story telling, children and young people can get creative and involved from home with our Clean up and create a Bright New Future competition, learn more here). Deadline for entries is 30th October 2020.

Whether schools choose Arts or Tell Us A Story, these sessions will help children to use their imagination and creative thinking to visualise a brighter future. We’ll share ideas and examples of positive changes which are happening and helping to build a more sustainable, healthy and happy world. We then invite the children to let their creativity and imagination run away with them!

There is growing recognition of eco-anxiety and the psychology of climate change. A recent BBC poll reports that three quarters of children say they are worried about the state of the planet. A combination of eco-anxiety and concern about the COVID19 crisis has potential to create an inhibiting amount of stress and fear. In a state of anxiety, we struggle to think innovatively and move forward as the hippocampus is restricted. It is proven, however, that art and creative expression are fantastic ways to process and combat stress anxiety and fear. Our programme will support children and their families to thrive both practically and emotionally in this health, economic and climate crisis. We believe children need to be given opportunities to apply their imagination in a meaningful way.

Bright New Futures will embed messages around carbon literacy, energy efficiency, sustainability and the importance of the natural world in a creative and fun way, helping to reverse the negative spiral which the current situation may have created. We aim to help children to better understand the world – imagining different scenarios and then testing them out and using imagination to empathise with others.

Imagination, dreaming and play can reawaken our ability to think positively about the future, illustrating nothing is impossible. Our creative sessions will give a positive and constructive vision of the future we want and can have.

Other sustainable solutions which are free or save money and reduce your schools carbon emissions include:

  • Solar for Schools solar giving schools cheaper and clean renewable energy. We can tell you more about this.
  • Ashden LESS C02 energy efficiency programme, four free workshops to help schools save money and reduce their carbon emissions. Our founder Carrie Cort is a mentor on this programme.
  • Textile recycling to raise money and ensure the clothes are ethically sold on raising money for a primary and secondary school in Uganda
  • Single-use plastic recycling in partnership with us. Learn more here.
See an example of our previous creative project in 2019

The School Woodland Theatre Project