Since our launch in 2012 we have been working hard to develop a network of volunteers and encouraging local people to make changes to help the environment. Our physical volunteer base is now about 50 people strong, plus 100’s or maybe 1000’s of digital social media marketeers!  Join us, ‘Rise for Climate’ and make changes to live more sustainably. Encourage others at home and work to follow your lead.

This page aims to signpost you to iniatives or services we offer, plus other local, national and international groups who have our planets health and wellbeing at their heart.

Re-educate – we offer talks and workshops for adults and FREE assemblies and lessons in primary schools. We also offer a range of workshops and sessions for children’s groups.Most important action you can take: switch to clean renewable energy

Renewables/clean energy – using our campaign site with our partner Big Clean Switch you can get a cost comparisan with eight 100% renewable clean energy suppliers from the comfort of your armchair! It takes about 5 minutes.  If you would like our help with using Big Clean Switch come and see us at the Horsham Repair Cafe on the first Saturday of each month. All you need to do is book a time slot here and bring a recent electricity bill (and gas bill if you use it).  If you are interested in installing solar on your house, for details of good local solar companies please contact us.

Recycle – learn what you can recycle in your household recycling bins here and find a printable Sussex Green Living recycling list here, this will enable you to recycle single-use plastics which would normally have to go to landfill or incinerator. This recycling scheme raises valuable funds for the William Penn School, the Springboard Project and several other charities which support children and wildlife .

Reduce – find ways to reduce your consumption, whether it is water use, energy use, consumables with packaging or clothes which have been shipped all over the World. Reduce the plastic food packaging you buy, purchase loose and local or better still grow your own in your garden,on a balcony or rent an allotment, this reduces your food miles too!

Refill – on the first Saturday of every month we offer a personal and household cleaning product bottle refill service at the Horsham Repair Cafe (HRC). We run this community initiative with the Horsham Quakers and about 40 volunteers. At the HRC a Horsham based company called Earthkind offer a 100% organic dry food refills. Water bottle refill is a free tap water initiative designed to reduce plastic pollution and promote healthy hydration by making refilling a water bottle easy, social and rewarding! It was launched in the summer of 2018 by volunteers from the Kinder Living group. Look for shops in Horsham town and surrounding area, where they display the refill sign you can go in and fill us your own water bottle.

Refuse – just say NO! If you don’t really need it, don’t buy it. A couple of simple examples of say NO are – never accept a drinking straw, when you place your order, say you do not want a straw even if it is biodegradable.  Never accept a plastic bag

Repair – on the first Saturday of every month 10am – 1pm the Horsham Repair Cafe offers a fantastic free monthly repair service for your broken and worn out items, phones, computers, laptops, household electrical goods and clothes. Come and join us to learn how to repair and mend, save money and be part of a community sharing crafts, knowledge and creative skills. Each month we also have a money saving refill station for your personal, laundry and cleaning products, plus organic dry loose foods, plus craft and upcycling demonstrations. Learn more here.  We also offer energy cost comparison and switching to 100% clean and renewable energy, it only takes about 5 minutes!

Reuse – well where do I start, you can have such fun finding ways to reuse, reinvent, recreate, remake, recraft, restore unwanted or tired items around your home. Either come along to the Horsham Repair Cafe to see items, chat to us or carry out an internet search for ‘upcycled’, ‘reused’, ‘remade’, ‘repurposed’.

20 Pledges for the planet – this page lists 20 actions you can take to help reduce your impact on the planet.

Write to the Government and local authorities to increase the UK ambition on climate change….

Local authority

Write to ask WSCC and HDC to become a member of UK100. It is a highly ambitious network of local government leaders, which seeks to devise and implement plans for the transition to clean energy that are ambitious, cost effective and take the public and business with them. Crawley Borough Council are already members and Worthing Borough Council are currently considering becoming a member.

HDC- write to – Glen Chipp , Ray Dawe and Philip Circus .

WSCC – write to Louise Goldsmith Leader of WSCC and Deborah Urquhart , Cabinet Member for Environment.


Write to your local MP to ask them to sign the Climate Coalition cross party zero emmisions by 2050 letter.  127 MPs have come together to jointly start a letter asking the Prime Minister to back a UK net zero emissions target ahead of 2050. You will find a template letter and more information here. If you do not know who your local MP is use this siteto locate their details. Most of our physical activity is in Horsham District, West Sussex our local MP is Jeremy Quin, his contact details are:

Parliamentary address:  House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Tel: 020 7219 6341  Email:

Divestment from fossil fuels

Divest from fossil fuels personally and campaign to encourage your council and businesses to stop investing in fossil fuels. Our local councils invests over £14 billion in the fossil fuel industry.

Learn more here

If there isn’t a campaign in your area, and you’re interested in starting one – get in touch by emailing . You can check out the resources below for some top tips on getting started.

Are you still wondering why you need to live greener? This page briefly explains why we need to change our ways to live more sustainably, or ask us to come and give a talk on climate change.

Local environmental events

In 2017 and 2018 we organised and led a greener living carnival procession in the Billingshurst Carnival. You can read all about it here.

On Sunday 8th July 2018 we with many volunteers ran a Share Fair in the Human Nature Garden in Horsham Park. This is a unique event where no money changes hands, an event concept developed by the Eden Project. At the event we held a Climate Coalition Speak Up session, where we invited our MP, district and county councillors, the general public were encouraged to come and have a ‘climate heart-to-heart’. We asked our MP Jeremy Quin to sign the Climate Coaltion cross party zero emmisions by 2050 letter and we asked the councillors if WSCC and Horsham District Council would join the UK100.  Learn more about our campaign here.

Did you know there are more than 3 R’s?

“Greening Sussex by Sussex families”