Make your home more planet friendly

Save Resources – And Money – With Sustainable Living

Developed nations now consume an estimated 16 tons of minerals, ores, fossil fuels, and biomass per capita every year, meaning that we are consuming Earth’s resources at an entirely unsustainable rate. Though this may seem a daunting fact, you can make a difference in your Sussex home by joining the 94% of residents in the South East that have already committed to making positive changes to lead a greener lifestyle. Doing so could have a worthwhile impact on your household’s pocket as well as its sustainability! Here are some changes you can enact at home. Read more

Climate Emergency – please can you help us?

Dear Horsham and West Sussex residents,

Climate change news is everywhere. It seems too bigger problem for many people and is the greatest environmental threat humanity has ever faced, but you can do something. Here are some ways in West Sussex and Horsham you can help….. Read more

Caring for clothes & planet events

During the first half of 2019 Sussex Green Living and the Horsham Repair Cafe are out and about, inpiring people to ‘make do and mend’, remake, repair, repatch and basically love the clothes and materials around them. Come and learn long lost skills of sewing, patches, repairing buttons, clothes etc. Learn about fast fashion and the damage it is causing our planet, solutions, ways of saving money and the planet……

2nd (10-4pm) and 3rd March (10-3pm) Horsham Repair Cafe and Sussex Green Living are at the Kinder Living Home Show, County Hall, North Horsham, Park Street, Horsham, RH12 1XH. The event aims to encourage more sustainable choices in our homes, gardens and daily lives. We will be offering repairs to electrical household items and clothes and clothes swapping. Read more

Kinder Living event in Horsham

We are going to be at the Kinder Living Home Show on Saturday 2nd (10-4pm) and Sunday 3rd (10-4pm) March 2019, with Sussex Green Living displays and a pop-up Horsham Repair Cafe come along and see us.

What is the Kinder Living Home Show? Read more

Declare a climate emergency

Press release: World SOS Climate Emergency Day Horsham meeting

Tsunami of support for Councils in South East to declare Climate emergency

Councils across the South East of England are being urged to declare a ‘Climate Emergency’, after a ground-breaking meeting in Horsham on Saturday 2nd February.  Held to mark World S.O.S. Climate Emergency Day, the meeting brought together for the first time environmental groups from 11 towns from Surrey, and East and West Sussex. Over 126 people aged from 10 to 80 were present. The venue had to be changed three times to accommodate the surge of interest, and took place finally in Horsham’s Unitarian Church. Read more

World S.O.S. Climate Emergency meeting



On Saturday 2nd February at 1.15pm a S.O.S. Climate Emergency Day Meeting is taking place in Horsham Library, the Quaker Meeting House Unitarian Church now due to increasing numbers, open to the general public. In attendance will be people from environmental groups from Horsham, Steyning, Worthing, Chichester, Hassocks, Hurstpierpoint, Keymer and Dorking. The aim being to discuss the climate emergency, planned regional actions and agree collaboration. 

All around the world people are facing up to the climate breakdown we are currently experiencing. Mayors, Councillors and leaders are declaring a climate emergency including cities such as Bristol and London. A City councillor in Chichester has called on the mayor to declare a climate emergency. David Attenborough recently warned at COP 24 (24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) that unless action is taken “the collapse of civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world” was on the horizon.  

These West Sussex groups and individuals who care about the environment and the future of humanity have decided to unite to see what positive action can be taken at this time.

The meeting is organised by Carrie Cort the founder of Sussex Green Living, an environmental awareness and education community group. She trained as a Climate Reality Leader with Al Gore and leading climate change scientist in 2016 and works with 4 other West Sussex Climate Reality Leaders. Carrie co-founded the Horsham Repair Café with fellow WSCC voluntary Waste Prevention Advisor Jill Shuker, the Horsham Quakers and is supported by about 70 volunteers (mainly from the Horsham District). 

The Horsham Repair Café will be taking place on Saturday 2nd February in the Quaker Meeting House.  The morning session runs from 10am – 1pm includes repairs of electrical and household items, energy advise and switching to clean renewable energy, a household and personal cleaning product bottle refill, also a plastic free pantry. People are invited to visit the Repair Café prior to the S.O.S. meeting to learn more about the climate solutions on offer.

Who are we waiting for? Our leaders seem otherwise engaged. We the people must come together. The latest IPCC report from climate scientists who addressed the world leaders say we have 12 years to sort out this climate emergency, so lets come together, rise up and take action, so our children will thank us. Please arrive at the Unitarian Church 1.15pm for a group photo followed at 1.30pm by the meeting where everyone will be invited to share their voice and ideas. Ideally please confirm attended on the meeting Facebook page here or email 


The end

About Sussex Green Living (SGL)

Founded in 2012, SGL is a not-for-profit unincorporated community initiative – a green network and educational hub with the aim of inspiring people to live greener, more sustainable lives. The founder Carrie Cort trained as a voluntary WSCC Waste Prevention Advisor in March 2012 and is the co-founder of the Horsham Repair Cafe with Jill Shuker another Waste Prevention Advisor, along with about many volunteers.  Gradually this Sussex network has grown and now has about 70 people actively supporting their environmental work.

In March 2016 Carrie trained in Manila, Philippines with former Vice President Al Gore, leading Climate Change scientists and communicators as part of the Climate Reality Leadership Corp. She is now one of 15,000 activists otherwise known as Climate Reality Leaders, of which there are about 150 in the UK and 5 in West Sussex. This is a global network committed climate activists who are spreading awareness of the climate crisis and working for solutions to the greatest challenge of our time.

More information and 

Other groups involved in the S.O.S. Climate Emergency Day meeting are Transition groups


Worthing Climate Action Network, Transition Town Worthing, Worthing Repair Cafe, Dorking Repair Cafe, Extinction Rebellion Dorking, Dorking Climate Emergency Week organisers, Steyning 10:10, Transition Horsham, Transition HKD (Hassocks, Hurstpierpoint, Keymer and Ditchling), Cuckmere Valley Transition, Extinction Rebellion Lewes, Climate Reality Leaders, Transition Chichester, Chichester Repair Café, Kinder Living Team who run the Kinder Living Home Show and Refill Horsham District.

About the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 

The IPCC was created to provide policymakers with regular scientific assessments on climate change, its implications and potential future risks, as well as to put forward adaptation and mitigation options. 

More information about the I.P.C.C. Report can be seen here

A summery of the report here

Ethical & sustainable clothes detector game & lessons

This award winning ethical and sustainable clothes detector invention and game is teaching children and adults alike about the link between fast fashion and climate change.  Through our environmental education programme this year the invention has visited 40 primary schools in West Sussex, where we delivered free assemblies and lessons. We have also used the detector as part of clothes and climate change sessions in children’s groups and public events and delivered talks to adult groups around the subject.

Who invented such a game? Seven pupils from the William Penn Primary School in Coolham are responsible for this great green invention, which won a national award  at the Better Energy School Awards at London Zoo.  One hundred and fifty-nine schools entered the Awards, run by the Young People’s Trust for the Environment and 21,350 children were involved in the school projects. The judges selected a winner for the North, Scotland, Southern/Central and Wales/West. The William Penn School won the Southern/Central region, they received a shield and £1000 for their school.

The William Penn Green I.T. team consisting of six 10 year old pupils and one 11 year old, who attended an after school club run by Carrie Cort from Sussex Green Living and Phil Bellas a parent and governor at the William Penn and former I.T. teacher.  The team were challenged to use a credit card sized computer and £100 budget to make an invention which could save the planet.

Carrie’s 10 year old son Adam, one of the team members and WSCT winner of their Friend of the Environment Award explained “We discussed lots of ideas, eventually deciding to create an invention and game to show people the environmental problems with the fashion industry”. He continued “We researched the subject using IT, geography, science, English and citizenship skills, including Scratch, barcodes, clothes miles, shipping, crude oil, climate change, clothes materials, water use and electricity”.

Their invention, uses unwanted wine boxes to create a traffic light system, a barcode scanner, Raspberry Pi, LED lights and a Scratch programme, plus two donated display panels and a collection of T shirts. People read information about the five different T shirts then attach a red, amber and green star to the T shirts, to indicate which is the most environmentally friendly, OK and the least environmentally friendly.

Two of the team members created an infographic illustrating the shocking 31,000 nautical mile journey of a cotton t shirt. The team delivered a professional and confident presentation on stage in front of famous actors and children’s authors, MPs and about 200 children from three other schools, winners of each regional competition.

The William Penn award was given by Andy Stanton children’s author, best known for Mr Gum. Jeremy Quin MP for Horsham also attended to learn about their work and commend the children for their amazing achievement. Another of the Green I.T. members Charlie Bamsey said “My favourite part of the day was meeting all the celebrities including Naomi from CBBC and Jeremy Quin our MP. We were allowed to go around London Zoo, I really enjoyed seeing the animals”.

Carrie closed by saying “I am extremely proud of the Green I.T. team members, some of them have been attending my William Penn Green Club since they were 6. Their ‘Go for Green detector’ is conveying a powerful message in schools and events throughout West Sussex. Without their blue sky thinking this fun upcycled game would not have been invented. They are an inspiration to us all”.

This totally unique award-winning invention which reveals the shocking facts and highlights how the fast fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry, second only to fossil fuel.

It is available as an interactive educational stand visiting STEM Fairs and public events, clearly highlighting the link between the fast fashion industry and climate change.

To learn more about the FREE school textile eco warrior assemblies and lessons visit The sustainable and ethical clothes detector will be at the Kinder Living Show, County Hall North, Horsham on Saturday 2nd March and Sunday 3rd March 2019 as part of the Horsham Repair Cafe, another Sussex Green Living community outreach initiative.  It will also be at the Sussex Green Living Share, Care and Repair Fair, Horsham Carfax/market as part of the Horsham District Year of Culture, on Saturday 6th July 2019, more information to follow soon.

We have just been awarding a Rampion Offshore Wind grant to deliver environmental assemblies and lessons in 30 primary schools in Worthing and Lancing. We are also continuing to offer free assemblies and lessons in other parts of West Sussex. Please contact us if you would like our brochure and booking form or want to discuss details and dates.




No do NOT make eco bricks!

Here at SGL headquarters we are contacted time and time again about whether we could be a drop off location for eco bricks, our response is always NO NO NO.

Eco bricks have been around for years, they were first developed to deal with flexible single use plastics and plastic bottles in countries which did not have a council offering waste collection and recycling. The idea being it was better to collect the materials, preventing them from going in the rivers and sea and making something useful with them. Now Eco bricks have taken off in the UK after a post was seen a lot of times, and people have begun to ‘make’ them.

For those who don’t know, and I can’t imagine that there are many who read this blog who don’t know, an Eco brick is made by stuffing all the single use plastic, cigarette butts and other non organic rubbish from your household into a plastic bottle of any size. This may seem easy but it is difficult to do and entails the plastic being cut up or shredded and placed in the bottle. Helped with either a wooden spoon, a knitting needle or a stick. The filled bottle can then be used to make outdoor furniture, bus shelters and buildings. They should not be used to make items for internal use as I think they are quite inflammable.

Many people who have started making bricks had no idea that they were using so much single-use flexible plastic and also had no idea where the waste goes. This is a quote from the Facebook site, posted today:

“Just by spending the last 2-3 weeks keeping all plastic and starting my ecobrick has made me completely rethink the way I shop and I am changing as much as I can because ultimately we need to stop producing the huge amounts of plastic that we do. ”

At Sussex Green Living ‘Towers’ (;-) we have been aware of the plastic problem for a long time, and it is really hard to imagine that there are still households that don’t know about single-use plastic, landfill taxes, recycling and the 10 ‘R’s – refuse, reuse recycle, refresh, re-home, reduce,remake, rehash, responsibility,refill, etc – I could go on. We are not keen on Eco bricks for the reason that the bottles CAN be recycled and that it may give permission to consumers to continue to buy single-use plastic and plastic bottles.

But there are consumers who are just waking up to this problem and I think it is in our own interests to encourage the Eco brick phenomenon, even though it ultimately does not offer a solution to the increasing challenge. These new Eco warriors for want of a better term, are beginning to realise that the single use plastic is not environmentally acceptable and are starting to educate their children, their schools and they are emailing their MP’s, the supermarkets, and anyone else who has a hand in making this plastic. They are also finding out who deals with our waste, where our waste goes, and how it is dealt with, which is amazing and a very good thing. Their new voices are being added to ours and the more pressure we exert, the better.

Ultimately we have to start thinking about ALL of our waste as even the recycling bin must be reduced at some point. The markets are becoming saturated and in many cases (varies from County to County) our single-use plastics are being shipped to other countries to burn in incinerators, generating energy for their national grid – this is called toxic colonialism. The hard plastics (bottles, pots and trays) are usually shipped to countries like China, where they are recycled into new goods. All this shipping of our waste around the world is not good for the environment, council waste lorries will move the recycling a minimum of 6 times from point of collection (your house) to where it will be recycled, the ships use fossil fuel which when burnt releases horrendous quantities of carbon dioxide, which is causing climate change.

In April 2018 a summit was called to discuss reforms and regulations needed relating to packaging in the UK. This summit was between the government and other regulatory councils and committees on packaging (WRAP, INCPEN and ACP), with a list of 162 cross-sector organisations involved in production and recovery of packaging. It’s resulted in identifying some of the major challenges currently faced and recommendation for future action.

This is a huge step, albeit one in its infancy. However, there is no timeline.

For now, we need to continue to push for change. Reduce our consumerism. Write to corporations. Let them know we won’t stay quiet, and we’re not going to sit idly by while they take their sweet time figuring things out. Put the pressure on!

We can help you recycle some of your single-use plastics, which would otherwise go to landfill or incineration. We have run since 2012 a special recycling scheme, most of the waste resources are sent to a company called TerraCycle. This is the list of waste resources, the recycling of them raises money for the William Penn School and the Springboard Project. The public drop-off locations are:

  • William Penn Primary School, Coolham, Nr Billingshurst, RH13 8GR – accessible school hours, the bins are in the staff car park.
  • Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham, RH12 1SL – accessible 24/7, please use the green Sussex Green Living branded bin to the right of the cottage door.

Thank you for caring!

Pulborough born and bred resident Nicola Peel has been building around the world with ecobricks for the last decade,  where she helps communities  clear their neighbourhoods and build something useful. These photos are from some of her projects. For more info see Ecobricks in action.

Photos courtousy of Nicola Peel.

Written by Jill Shuker, Sussex Green Living volunteer and co-founder of the Horsham Repair Cafe.

“Greening Sussex by Sussex families”

Climate change education webinar

Climate change education webinar

On Friday 26th October I was invited to deliver a Climate Reality webinar with other Climate Reality Leaders from around the globe, who are interested in climate change education in schools. During the seminar I shared the ‘Inspiring climate education collaboration’ which I launched last October and achievements within primary education.

Over the last year I have delivered the Future We Want LESS C02 programme FREE in primary schools across West Sussex, including 20 whole-school assemblies and 40 KS2 lessons, with a further 26 sessions in children’s groups, eco summits, conferences and at events like the Brighton Science Festival. This webinar shares the collaborations and partnerships which have helped to further my reach and impact.

The video ends with other Climate Reality Leaders who have been working in climate change education, sharing their work, ideas and best practices.


It is only when you are filmed you notice how many ummms you say! Sorry, I really must wipe that from my language!  To learn more about The Future We Want LESS C02 school programme either visit this page or contact me. Testimonials can also be seen here.

“Greening Sussex by Sussex families”


Whose waste is it anyway? Event in Brighton

Whose waste is it anyway? Is a new event taking place at the Brighthelm Centre, Brighton on Thursday 1 November 2018 between 10:00 – 3pm. Carrie Cort, founder of Sussex Green Living is giving a talk on the shocking journey of a cotton T shirt and the environmental effects for the fast fashion industry.

Waste is a hot topic right now.  Read more

Climate change awareness in Horsham District

Saturday 8th September Horsham Market saw climate leadership rising from the grassroots. Volunteers from Sussex Green Living and the Horsham Repair Café took part in the global Rise for Climate mobilisation.  Together with tens of thousands of people from 7 continents, in 95 countries, people worldwide demanded real climate action from their local leaders. Read more

Carbon offsetting made easy

When Carrie flew to Montenegro in May for the Green Culture Festival she offsetting four tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. There are a number of organisations offering carbon offsetting but after liaising with other climate leaders   Carrie chose . Read more

Join our Eco Billingshurst Carnival Procession

Grandparents, parents & children sharing ‘The Future We Want’ at Billingshurst Carnival

Come and join our ‘The Future We Want’ Billingshurst Carnival Procession

This is your invitation to come, have fun and share your greener living message with our Sussex Green Living carnival procession. For a second year running we are taking a procession in the Billingshurst carnival, run by the Billingshurst Rotary on Sunday 24th June.  Last year about 30 local people of all ages and two eco vehicles joined us, learn more here. This years Rotary theme is Heroes and Villains, our theme is The Future We Want – Greener Living! Read more

Carbon footprint of a cuppa!

Now we all love a cuppa, but have you ever thought about its carbon footprint? Is there a greener option? For example …..Where in the World was the tea grown? Where in the World does all the packaging come from? Where in the World was it blended and packaged? How much packaging does it have? Can you buy your tea with less packaging?  Or no packaging?

Think about this…….. Read more

You CAN solar power your home!

“Just a few more of these will do it.”

More solar for Sussex!  Carrie the founder of Sussex Green Living and her husband Brian have fulfilled their new year’s resolution by calling in local firm CC Solar to install ten solar panels on the roof of their Sussex home. So now they power their home using daylight and the sun’s almost limitless energy rather than having to buy electricity from the national grid.  For the last 7 years Carrie and Brian have been buying 100% renewable energy Read more

Raspberry Pi helping to save the planet!

We’re really excited to tell you about another sustainable solution for schools and this one might win your school £1,000!

Now in it’ sixth year, the PA’s Raspberry Pi competition 2018 is offering three £1,000 prizes for teams from primary and secondary schools, and sixth forms and colleges.

This year’s theme is Sustainability. The challenge is to use the Raspberry Pi – a credit-card-size yet highly capable computer – to invent something that will help ‘save the planet’. Read more

Schools save money, raise money & free lessons

We are delighted to share our ‘The Future We Want – LESS C02’ Sustainable Solutions for Schools Programme. This programme saves schools money, makes money and reduces C02 emissions.  We also offer FREE whole school assemblies and lessons for KS2 focusing on Energy Eco Warriors or Textile Eco Warriors.

Bought to you by Sussex Green Living in partnership with Bags of Support an ethical West Sussex based textile recycling company.  Our mission to financially help schools, provide environmental education, lessen carbon footprints and the effects of climate change. Read more

Al Gore broadcast Climate Reality for 24 hours



WASHINGTON, DC (November 15, 2017) – Today, The Climate Reality Project announced that the seventh-annual 24 Hours of Reality broadcast – a star-studded, 24-hour live event focused on the climate crisis and its solutions – will take place December 4-5, 2017. Hosted by former US Vice President and Climate Reality Founder and Chairman Al Gore, Read more

​Horsham Repair Cafe – saving energy & Christmas lights!

Press release

Do you dread turning on your Christmas tree lights? The festive season can be an expensive and wasteful time of year and so often those Christmas tree lights don’t work! Well if that is the case, do not despair, the Horsham Repair Cafe can help.

On 2nd December at the Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham there will be a team of experts ready, willing and able to fix Christmas lights, flashing Christmas jumpers, small electrical appliances, computers, iphones, ipads, tablets, clothing repairs and much more.   Read more

Black Monday NOT Black Friday!

The day the world turned black and we are NOT talking about Black Friday! Monday 16th October 2017 and severe weather events created the rarest phenomenon England has ever seen. There was the brightest blood curdling red sun shining through the weirdest clouds,  then at 3pm it got darker and darker and went black. Read more

Horsham families win green family National Awards

Horsham families are at the forefront of the fight against climate change and have been recognised with a National Award. Carrie Cort, her 9 year old son Adam and her Mother, Jean Francis went to collect the award for their family’s efforts at the P.E.A. Awards in London on Friday 13 October. These awards acknowledge green heroes from the UK and beyond. Read more

Horsham Repair Cafe an outstanding success

The first session of the new Horsham Repair Café on Saturday 7th October proved an outstanding success.  At 10am approximately 50 people came through the doors of the Horsham Quaker Meeting House to witness the official opening by Jeremy Quin MP and Councilor Philip Circus, who spoke about the importance of this initiative for Horsham District. Read more

The Future We Want – LESS C02 campaign

The Future We Want - LESS C02

The Future We Want – LESS C02 campaign was launched by Sussex Green Living in June 2017 at the Billingshurst Carnival.  This programme was developed as a result of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corp training (more information below) and a WWF competition. In March 2017 Carrie, the founder of Sussex Green Living, was shortlisted as the WWF Earth Hour Community Hero. At the same WWF Earth Hour Parliamentary reception, Adam her 9 year old son was announced as a winner in the WWF KS2 The Future We Want – Climate Challenge poster competition, with his Climate Cartoon.

Carrie and Adam decided that they need to give future generations the knowledge and a voice to encourage everyone to care better for the planet which sustains us. Read more

Stop the drilling for oil & gas near Billingshurst

Click on image to show larger map

Did you know that test drilling for oil and gas has just started at Broadford Bridge (Wood Barn Farm)  near West Chiltington/Billingshurst? Read on to learn the history behind this project and why so many local people do not know about it.

Do you want lorries with oil, gas and chemicals driving around our little country lanes, risk of polluted air, oil flare lighting the night sky and the potential for carcinogenic chemicals leaching into our soil and water supply?  Read more

Action plan against climate change


Please read and print this page, it’s a handy checklist and action plan to help you reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the planet.  Indicate if you need to or have already undertaken the suggested actions. Share the list and your knowledge with as many other people as you can and encourage them to move to a ‘greener future’. Read more