Money Saving ideas at Horsham Climate Cafe

Saturday 4th April the Horsham Climate Cafe will pop up as a virtual one hour event for the second week in a row. It will be running using a free Zoom video call every Saturday at 2pm during the Covid19 crisis and until further notice.

This Saturday there will be an opportunity for people to connect and chat informally around concerns, insights with  ideas for using materials around you, saving money and helping the planet. Fiona Hamilton who runs Earthkind a plastic free food refills service which pops up at the Horsham Repair Cafe, will be providing lots of money saving ideas around frugal and zero waste living, see below. She is happy to receive questions ahead of Saturday or on the day. Forward questions to ahead of Saturday.

Helen Whittington will talk about the new Horsham Repair Cafe cleaning and personal product bottle refill service she is offering during lockdown, as seen here Carrie Cort, founder of Sussex Green Living will talk about a saving money through switching energy providers. Since running the Horsham Repair Cafe she has helped lots of people switch using, everyone has saved between £90 and £366 a year.

Enjoy Fiona’s ideas for saving money and living a more sustainable life here: Read more

Pre-loved clothes sale in Horsham


Did you know the second most polluting industry is the fast fashion industry? Learn more about the problems in this blog ‘Are your clothes really causing climate change? We are delighted to announce a local solution….in partnership with our friends at One World Living and our great volunteers, we are running a pre-loved clothes sale otherwise known as a kilo sale! It is on Saturday 9th November 12-4pm at Greenway Academy, Greenway, Horsham, RH12 2JS, at the end of Green GB Week. We will be selling quality pre-loved clothes for a bargin £10 per kilo (normally kilo sales charge £15 a kilo).

To give you an idea of what you will get for one kilo….. a pair of man’s denim jeans will be about 1.5 and 2 kg and woman’s clothing 1 kg will be about 1 pair of denim jeans or about 6 T-shirts. Thanks to the PTA at Greenway Academy there will be drinks and homemade cakes for sale, so come for the afternoon. There will be a separate areas for children, ladies and men’s clothes.

Proceeds from this sale will help us deliver FREE climate education in local schools, learn more here,  also deprived children and families Romania and Uganda. Plus helping the planet and your pocket! Read more

More Yard Bombing or we call it Ocean Bombing!

Environmental art and message ocean bomb Horsham District

Horsham Carfax Bandstand

Horsham District was bombarded with environmental art and activity on Saturday 6th July. Volunteers from the Horsham Repair Café and Sussex Green Living, an environmental awareness and educational network, provided a dazzling array of ‘environmentally friendly’ stalls at their second Share, Care and Repair Fair, this year within Horsham Market. It was part of the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019 and Horsham Festival.

In the run up to this unique Fair nineteen locations – shops, salons, sports centre, Horsham library and the Carfax bandstand, had surprize eco ocean art installed with environmental messages, plus a display at the Fair. This Community Eco Ocean Art project, sponsored by Biffa, was the brainchild of the founder of Sussex Green Living Carrie Cort. Carrie said “People are so worried about plastic pollution and the plight of the planet, I thought this would be fun for anyone of any age to get creative around communicating the problems and solutions”. She continued “Their art had to be made of unwanted materials or acrylic wool. Acrylic wool is a problem because it is synthetic, plastics, which means it will take decades to completely break down”.

Pam Tedder one of the Horsham Repair Café volunteers co-ordinated the yarn or ocean bombing of the Carfax bandstand.  Read more

Clean renewable energy, saves money and the planet!

Solar panelsTake a few moments to learn how you can power your home using clean renewable energy, saving money and the planet!

What do we mean by ‘clean energy’?

Power stations, wind turbines and solar farms all feed their energy into the Grid, like rivers running into a big pond. When you switch to clean energy, your supplier guarantees that however much electricity you take out of the ‘pond’, the same amount of clean energy will be put in. The more people who switch to clean tariffs, the more renewable energy that goes into the pond. This means that the energy sector is producing less pollution and carbon which is crucial if we are to reduce global warming and climate change.

Approximately 30% of the UK’s electricity is generated from renewable sources.

Under new laws, Britain’s biggest energy companies will have to buy renewable energy from their own customers, for example, homeowners who install new rooftop solar panels from 1 January 2020 will be able to lower their bills by selling the energy they do not need to their supplier. Read more

Make your home more planet friendly

Save Resources – And Money – With Sustainable Living

Developed nations now consume an estimated 16 tons of minerals, ores, fossil fuels, and biomass per capita every year, meaning that we are consuming Earth’s resources at an entirely unsustainable rate. Though this may seem a daunting fact, you can make a difference in your Sussex home by joining the 94% of residents in the South East that have already committed to making positive changes to lead a greener lifestyle. Doing so could have a worthwhile impact on your household’s pocket as well as its sustainability! Here are some changes you can enact at home. Read more

Caring for clothes & planet events

During the first half of 2019 Sussex Green Living and the Horsham Repair Cafe are out and about, inpiring people to ‘make do and mend’, remake, repair, repatch and basically love the clothes and materials around them. Come and learn long lost skills of sewing, patches, repairing buttons, clothes etc. Learn about fast fashion and the damage it is causing our planet, solutions, ways of saving money and the planet……

2nd (10-4pm) and 3rd March (10-3pm) Horsham Repair Cafe and Sussex Green Living are at the Kinder Living Home Show, County Hall, North Horsham, Park Street, Horsham, RH12 1XH. The event aims to encourage more sustainable choices in our homes, gardens and daily lives. We will be offering repairs to electrical household items and clothes and clothes swapping. Read more

Kinder Living event in Horsham

We are going to be at the Kinder Living Home Show on Saturday 2nd (10-4pm) and Sunday 3rd (10-4pm) March 2019, with Sussex Green Living displays and a pop-up Horsham Repair Cafe come along and see us.

What is the Kinder Living Home Show? Read more

Whose waste is it anyway? Event in Brighton

Whose waste is it anyway? Is a new event taking place at the Brighthelm Centre, Brighton on Thursday 1 November 2018 between 10:00 – 3pm. Carrie Cort, founder of Sussex Green Living is giving a talk on the shocking journey of a cotton T shirt and the environmental effects for the fast fashion industry.

Waste is a hot topic right now.  Read more

Fire dragon chilli blog

My name is Adam, I am 10 years old. I have been growing chillies now for 2 years. This year I have grown 232 Ring of Fire chilli plants, which I am selling to raise money to care for stray dogs in Montenegro. My donations will pay for neutering, to stop unwanted puppies. Did you know that if one bitch is not newtered within 6 years she and her puppies could have bred 67,000 dogs. I have donated to Stray Aid Montenegro. It costs about €62.50 to sterilise a dog, so I am hoping to sell some of my chillies and products to raise more money for Stray Aid Montenegro. Read more

You CAN solar power your home!

“Just a few more of these will do it.”

More solar for Sussex!  Carrie the founder of Sussex Green Living and her husband Brian have fulfilled their new year’s resolution by calling in local firm CC Solar to install ten solar panels on the roof of their Sussex home. So now they power their home using daylight and the sun’s almost limitless energy rather than having to buy electricity from the national grid.  For the last 7 years Carrie and Brian have been buying 100% renewable energy Read more

Living in an eco-home

Ever thought of living in an ‘eco-home’?

When we came to Brighton from London in 2015 Sue and I were looking for an old house like the  terraced house we were living in, built well before the First World War. After all, older houses have lots of nooks and crannies and lots of character.

What we ended up with was a very modern, ‘sustainable’ home, Read more

Reasons to grow your own food

With the prices going right through the roof and the changes in how food is handled, this is a great time to work on growing your own vegetables, herbs and spices with some creative gardening work. If this is something you are considering or maybe something you did in the past you should know a few reasons first, such as the following:

Great tasting food Read more

What to Do With Your Old Mattress

Getting a new bed or mattress can be a relief for your back, but unless the delivery of your new mattress includes the removal of the old one, it can also cause a headache as you find yourself with an old mattress to dispose of. So, in order from very bad to very good, what are your options?



Read more

Taking Steps to Make your Sussex Home Green

Over the years, an increasing number of us have become more environmentally aware and as a result more people are now keen to do their bit for the green cause. There are many ways in which you can achieve this goal and even small steps and changes can make a big difference when it comes to protecting the environment. The great thing about going green is that in many cases it not only helps the environment but can also save you money. Read more

Alternative Ways to be Green:

Most people are familiar with turning the tap off whilst brushing your teeth, or having a shower instead of a bath, standard recycling protocol. But there’s a lot more to be done if you’re aspiring to be greener.

Change your bulb

Compact fluorescent lightbulbs save you money every year in energy costs Read more

Using R and U Values to Make Your Home Heat Efficient

Saving energy on your heating can save you money on your bills and also decrease your carbon footprint. A helpful way to assess the efficiency of doors, windows, walls and what insulation you may wish to use can be the U and R values attributed to the product. They describe the transfer of energy in the form of heat, very helpful if you’re looking to make your house heat efficient! Here’s a short guide on how to make the most of these details.

Read more

Green up your digital communications

Climate change should be on the entire Sussex communities mind, in one way or another. Becoming more aware of the effects of emissions on the environment, we are looking for “greener” ways to live, from buying local (and sustainable) food and products, traveling via lower-emission transportation methods, and building up recycling and composting programs. Have you thought about your carbon footprint in relation to IT, emails and social media though?  Read more

Why recycle electrical goods?

WEEE infographicWhat electrical items can I recycle?
Where can I recycle them?
Why should I recycle my electrical goods?
If you’re asking yourself these questions we can help. Here is a handy infographic giving useful facts and information all about electrical recycling. We hope you find this interesting and informative.

Learn how to green up your home

Open homes inspire with ideas for green living and cutting energy bills

Eco Open Houses Lewes 13-14 September 2014

Ditchling, Barcombe & rural 20-21 September 2014

Lewes Eco Open Houses will run its fifth annual event over two weekends in September 2014.  16 eco-friendly homes will open their doors to the public, five for the first time. Read more

Survey reveals South East is environmentally conscious

A recent survey has revealed some interesting results regarding green living in the south east of England. The survey asked the nation about how environmentally-conscious people were in their day to day lives. Of those taking part in the survey, a significant number were based in the South East; in fact, more people responded in that part of the country than anywhere else.

Read more

How Do Sussex Homes Rate When It Comes to Saving Energy at Home?

Simple livingThere is no doubt that more families in Sussex than ever before are trying to live a green life these days.

The availability of online information and environmentally friendly products mean that it is now possible to live a green life without making huge efforts or sacrifices. However, this seems like a good moment to consider how far Sussex residents have come in making their homes as energy efficient as possible.

Read more

Heat-Pump, Solar & Low-Carbon Tech Events

Energy eventsThree events examine energy efficient and renewable energy technologies, looking at the pros, cons, costs and practicalities:

  • Sustainable Business Breakfast – 27th February, 08:00 to 10:00, Newhaven.  Air source heat-pumps, energy management systems, best practice case study.

Launch of SeedPod Eco-Gift Subscriptions for Christmas

sweetcornSeedPod, a local start-up that helps people to grow their own vegetables, has just this week (06.12.13) launched special Christmas gift subscription option on their website.

Having launched earlier this Autumn, SeedPod is already enabling hesitant novice gardeners to grow their own food without prior knowledge, while also making homegrowing simpler and more convenient for those with experienced green fingers. Read more

Buy your recycled Christmas cards

100% recycled pop-up Christmas cards

Would you like to buy some unusual pop-up Christmas cards made from 100% recycled material?  These unique and innovative pop-up cards are designed and manufactured entirely in the UK.

Greetings Direct have been fast to take advantage of the new opportunities we have just introduced for green, ethical and local businesses to connect with the people of Sussex.

With a growing number of page views per month and regular exposure in the press and media, we have lots of advertising and P.R. options available for businesses who wish to gain exposure on this, our multi award-winning website.  Learn more here.

 We want you, the people of Sussex, to take some ownership of Forward your suggestions for events, videos, parks and green spaces etc to be added to “your” site.

“Greening Sussex by Sussex families”

Buy Green Xmas presents – Philippine fundraising

Philippine Community Fund logoHorsham Quakers Green Coffee MorningHorsham Quakers

Saturday 7th December
Time: 10 – 12 noon

Coffee and cakes courtesy of the Horsham Quakers.  

Location: Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham, RH12 1SL.

The Sussex Green Living  recycled stand will be there selling beautiful merchandise made by ex landfill families in Manila, Philippines, the perfect Christmas presents. Read more