Horsham Repair Cafe launch on 7th October

Horsham Repair CaféLaunching SATURDAY 7th OCTOBER 2017 then taking place on the 1st Saturday of every month 10 – 12.30pm at the Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham, RH12 1SL

Alongside the regular monthly cleaning materials refills sessions on first Saturday each month, Sussex Green Living in partnership with Horsham Quakers  Read more

A Tietastic Guinness World Records

Carrie Cort is ‘Officially Amazing’, so say the Guinness World Record (GWR) office.  Last year as part of a ‘Green Play and Display Day’ which Carrie organised in the Human Nature Garden, Horsham Park, she attempted to beat the GWR challenge for the person wearing the most neckties, which was 260 ties, 400 had been donated. Carrie managed to beat the record by 10, a small margin but her neck would take no more! Her GWR officials were (left to right) Jeremy Quin MP, Amanda Jupp – WSCC County Councillor, Paul Bellringer – founder of Horsham Festival and Sarah Bamsey, who placed the ties.  Read more

26 eco-friendly Christmas tips

Pedro ChristmasWe’ve got some great tips to help you enjoy Christmas, so you can spoil yourself and your loved ones without spoiling the planet.

Here’s a uniquely seasonal paradox. Is it possible to buy a truly green Christmas tree? Artificial trees aren’t biodegradable and need enormous amounts of energy to manufacture. So it may come as a surprise that buying a real tree is not necessarily a greener option. Read more

Top tie upcyclng ideas

Neckties are a bit of an environmental nightmare, novelty ties get bought for people who might use them once or twice, charity shops don’t want them as they don’t sell well and if sent for recycling they often get caught up in the recycling machinery and cause expensive damage.  Upcycling, remaking and reuse is best!

A creative community group bought together by Sussex Green Living have been busy demonstrating Read more

Guinness World Record helps William Penn School

William Penn primary school children counting neckties for the Guinness World Record attempt to wear the most neckties.

Horsham families are in for a summer half term treat, a free family tietastic Guinness World Record event in the Human Nature Garden in Horsham Park!  Carrie Cort founder of Sussex Green Living has got together with the organisers of the Horsham Circle of Life Festival to lay on a fun action packed free green event. Read more

Summer half term green play

Horsham Circle of Life Festival 2016   

In and around Horsham: Saturday May 28 – Saturday June 4

Half term entertainment for teenagers and children

Wednesday June 1st starts 2 pm until 4 pm

Teenage Textile Creations – Upcycling Workshop

This workshop is a great opportunity for teenagers to exercise their imagination and creative skills whilst learning the art of textile upcycling. Read more

True cost of Christmas

Beautiful second hand paper.

All our presents are wrapped with last years wrapping paper, stunning.

Christmas is a really exciting and fun time of year, however it is a horrendously wasteful time. We eat far too much food and spend vast sums of money, but we don’t have to indulge in such a wasteful celebration. This blog explains ways of reducing the amount of waste you create, ways to save money and shows some shocking statistics about the toll Christmas has on the environment.  Read more

Green Days for Schools 2016

Working towards an Eco School Award and need some help?

No time to plan green activities for your school or group?

Want to get involved in environmental awareness campaigns?

Would like more curriculum enrichment activities?

We can help! Carrie who leads these sessions is a trained WSCC Waste Prevention Advisor, trained by Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader, RHS School Gardening trained and is an Eco School Assessor. She has won many awards for her inspirational green work, the latest award being the BBC Surrey and Sussex Community Hero Green Champion.

We have planned some themed age appropriate green days and workshops which we can bring to your school, college or group.
Read more

Furniture make-over workshop

We are currently planning some one day workshops themed around the 3 Rs. Not however the 3 Rs that most people know, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle but OUR 3 Rs – Repair, Remake and Reuse.

The aim of these workshops is for people to learn or relearn practical skills  which have been lost in over the last 20 plus years, to have fun creatively reusing and ‘making- over’ personal belongings which might otherwise be thrown away. Read more

How you can help landfill families in the Philippines

Sussex Green Living is calling for local people to help landfill families in Manila, Philippines and it won’t cost you a penny. Read on to learn how….

Recycling. We know we have to do it and we are reminded regularly of the need to keep plastics, food and textiles out of our landfills. Of course, this is the right thing to do, it keeps greenhouse gas emissions down as well as reducing our consumption and energy usage. Read more

What to Do With Your Old Mattress

Getting a new bed or mattress can be a relief for your back, but unless the delivery of your new mattress includes the removal of the old one, it can also cause a headache as you find yourself with an old mattress to dispose of. So, in order from very bad to very good, what are your options?



Read more

Food Waste – the big picture

Ok, hands up, who has ever thrown a banana skin in a bush after a picnic? Maybe chucked an apple core out of the window of your car whilst travelling down a quiet country road? I expect a few people have done this in the past. And why not? It’s biodegradable, right? Whilst this may horrify those who see it as littering, food waste is often considered ‘harmless’ to the environment, as it rots down and is eaten by detritivores or passing wildlife. At the worst it is considered unsightly or foul smelling for a short time. Read more

Recycling games for kids

Recycling is one of the most important actions you can take to help the environment and to preserve it, so that we can continue to live on a green and healthy planet instead of breathing in pollution and damaging the nature. And because of that, we should teach our children to recycle from a very young age, so when they grow up, they continue to recycle and continue to treat our environment better. Read more

More plastics recycled now!

At last residents in West Sussex, as of 1st April 2015, will be able to recycle more plastics in their household recycling bins. Prior to this date we were only able to recycle plastic bottles.

You might ask why we have only been able to recycle plastic bottles historically? Well until now there has not been a commercially viable market to sell the plastic waste resources to. Read more

Diverting plastics from landfill

Carrie Cort on the Sussex Green Living Recycled Green Stand launching a new recycling scheme*.

As part of this recycling scheme we are participating in a nationwide recycling competition called the Febreze Freshness Rewards Contest. By collecting these waste resources local people can help secure a share of £5,000, which the scheme sponsors Febreze are offering (£1,000 being the top prize). Read more

New recycling scheme

Press release 

Sussex Green Living and the William Penn Primary School are taking part in a nationwide recycling competition called the Febreze Freshness Rewards Contest and is asking local people to help them be in with a chance of winning a share of £5,000 of charity donations (including a £1,000 top prize).   This contest is part of a new recycling initiative that Sussex Green Living has signed up to called the Air and Home Care Brigade which enables local people to recycle used plastic air fresheners and plug-in refills, air and home care product trigger heads, pumps and caps Read more

How to Recycle Your Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone recyclingGetting a mobile phone used to be a big deal but these days most people have them, and many are getting a new phone every year or two. That’s a lot of extra electronic rubbish that often finds its way into landfills, even though the devices contain recyclable materials. If you’re getting a new phone, consider recycling your old one instead: it’s easy, costs you nothing, and in some cases you can even get a few pounds for your old devices.

Read more

Rubbish or a craft resource?

After the festive season many people throw away their Christmas wrapping paper, Christmas cards and cracker content, not here!  These waste resources make stunning art materials for our Green Club.  Last week saw the start of our Pedro’s After School Green Club at the William Penn Primary School in Coolham, West Sussex. 15 children ranging from 6 to 11 came together to learn ways they can “upcycle” these materials into new Christmas resources. We made new crackers out of cardboard tubes, Christmas wrapping paper and unwanted cracker jokes and gifts.  Out of the Christmas cards we made present tags and Christmas cards for next year and thank you cards for this year.

Read more

Why recycle electrical goods?

WEEE infographicWhat electrical items can I recycle?
Where can I recycle them?
Why should I recycle my electrical goods?
If you’re asking yourself these questions we can help. Here is a handy infographic giving useful facts and information all about electrical recycling. We hope you find this interesting and informative.

Organ donation is the ultimate in recycling…

By donating your organs, blood and or tissues after you die, you will help save and transform the lives of desperately ill people.  It really is the ultimate in recycling!  Read more

Fake v real Christmas Trees. Which is greener?

Christmas trees

Our trees, our planet, our future.

In recent years the overall sale of real trees has declined in both the UK and US suggesting that perhaps, as environmental awareness increases, people are opting for the more eco-friendly tree. The producers of both will argue a strong case for their businesses but there are a lot of factors to take in to account when comparing them.  Which one is greener …..




Read more

Christmas Waste – 6 Obscene Facts You Didn’t Know

Pedro ChristmasLove Christmas Hate Waste

Christmas is just around the corner and you can be forgiven for wondering where the time has gone. It seems like it was September just the other day. With all this happening around, your recycling might not come to the forefront of your Christmas plans.

According to a study by WRAP, we throw away 230,000 tonnes of food worth £275 million during the festive period, Read more

Biscuit wrapper recyclers

Biscuit wrapper recyclingCongratulations!

Together with the top 20 collectors on the McVitie’s Biscuit Wrapper Roundup, the William Penn Primary School with the help of Sussex Green Living and other competitors have saved over 47,000 Biscuit Wrappers from landfill!  Read more

Gardeners: Leave Your Leaves

leaf recyclingDo not rake up the leaves in your garden, let the best recyclers do their job!  This is a busy time of year for earthworms. And resisting the temptation to tidy away Autumn leaves not only feeds these subterranean creatures but fertilizes the soil, making them one of the gardener’s best friends. Read more

Bottle top recycling success story

Milk bottle tops

Written by Martin Cooke…..

I have coordinated the collection and then sale of milk bottle tops at St Paul’s Church for over 7 years, on behalf of the church’s “eco-group”. In that time GHS recycling Ltd (at Hilsea) has bought nearly £1,400 Read more