Horsham coffee waste packaging recycling scheme

PRESS RELEASE 28th January 2013

coffee packaging recycling

Sussex Green Living signed up to the UK wide coffee packaging brigade to enable the people of Horsham to recycle coffee eco refills, fresh coffee bean packaging, plastic lids off of jars of coffee and Tassimo plastic discs and outer wraps for the first time.

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Transition Horsham Seedy Saturday

Transition Horsham Seedy SaturdayThis is Transition Horsham’s annual seed exchange.  Whether you have seeds to exchange or not, come along and learn more about what you can grow in your garden and ways you can help the environment.  Sussex Green Living will be there with our recycling robots, playing green games!  See you there.

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Car recycling for charity

Do you own a banger that’s merely gathering dust in the garage? Then you can do your bit for charity!

car recycling


Giveacar is a UK based fundraising organisation that specialises in donating unwanted and scrap cars to charitable causes throughout the world, including the Born Free Foundation.

They provide a FREE service which is available throughout the UK, and can work with you hand-in-hand in the following ways: Read more

Stamp recycling for charity

recycling stamps

  • If you want to recycle your stamps for charity: find a local stamp collection scheme, at a school, church or community centre. Or start your own!
  • Save all of your stamps, especially commemorative and foreign stamps.
  • Cut around the stamps, leaving a 5mm border.
  • Separate stamps if you can, into UK and foreign boxes. Read more

Seed Swap and Recycling Fun event

Saturday February 23rd, 2013 10am to 2pm.

Venue: Friends Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham RH12 1SL (opposite Sainsburys)

Sussex Green Living recycled robots

Come and seed swap, learn about our precious planet and ways in which you can help to protect it for future generations.  We are going to take some of our Sussex Green Living recycling robots to this event.   Read more

Family fun in the countryside

Fittleworth geocachingDo you love getting out into the countryside? Inhaling fresh air, feeling the wind and sun on your face?  Do you need to occupy and exercise your children but be mindful of your weekly spend?  Well you can achieve all this and get some mental and physical exercise for your family by simply going for a walk in our wonderful countryside.  Then why not try geocaching? Read more

Green cars and end of life car recycling

Toyota Prius HybridIllustrating a green car, not one needing recycling!

Sussex Green Living and the staff at Take One Productions are committed to lead by example in reducing the environmental impact of our operations and trying to live more sustainably.  We are not purporting to be experts in green cars, but in our search to purchase greener cars we have been extremely impressed by Toyota’s global long-term vision to deliver better, safer cars and mobility solutions, whilst respecting the environment and enriching communities.

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Come and buy some Green Christmas Presents

William Penn Xmas fayreXmas Fayre – Thursday 8th November 7 – 9pm

  • Would you like to raise money for a local school?
  • Would you like to raise money for a fantastic charity who support deprived families in the Philippines?
  • Would you like to get ahead of yourself with some Christmas presents, rather than have a last minute rush?
  • Would you like to buy some green/environmentally friendly Christmas presents?
  • Then come to the William Penn Primary School Xmas Fayre!

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Recycling sweet biscuit wrappers for money

This really does take the biscuit – in a good way of course!

Sweet biscuit wrapper recyclingThis is the UK’s First Biscuit Wrapper Recycling Scheme – United Biscuits, the manufacturer of McVitie’s, the UK’s leading biscuit brand, has teamed up with recycling experts TerraCycle UK to launch the McVitie’s Biscuit Wrapper Brigade.  Read more

Indoor recycling location required

TerraCycle TigerSussex Green Living have linked up with a company called TerraCycle to recycle previously unrecyclable packaging and products.  TerraCycle have signed up manufacturers who want their products waste resources to be diverted from our landfills and incinerators.  Both of these disposal options produce added carbon and other greenhouse gases, these waste materials will now either be upcycled or recycled into new products, which reduces the need for new materials to be extracted from our planet. More information about the recycling schemes we have set up can be found here.

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Why we must recycle as much plastic as possible


plastic bottle recycling Recycle it! Milk bottle tops

For simplicity lets just look at the plastic bottle.  They are used to package a wide variety of things, from juice to soft drinks, and they play a ubiquitous role in the lives of many consumers, along with other plastic products. With a growing awareness of the environmental issues which surround plastics, many people have become interested in the life cycles of plastic products, from manufacturing to eventual disposition in a landfill or recycling facility. Being aware of the process behind the production of plastics can encourage consumers to think more carefully about how they use and dispose of such plastics. Because plastic bottles are a very visible form of plastic use, plastic bottles make an easy target for activism and education.

The life cycle of a plastic bottle starts, obviously, with the creation of the plastic used to make it. The vast majority of plastic bottles are manufactured from petroleum, which comes from deposits which can be up to three billion years old. Plastics which get sent to landfill are estimated to take between 300 and 1000 years to biodegrade (if they ever do).

Pedro says “Recycle everything, there is no such thing as rubbish it is just waste resources in the wrong place”.

Learn about the recycling schemes where we take materials which the council can not recycle, then recycle them for the financial benefit of Sussex Wildlife Trust, William Penn Primary School in Coolham and WAKOOS nursery for children in Billingshurst.

Learn more about the lifecycle of plastic in this excellent article.

We want you, the people of Sussex, to take some ownership of  www.sussexgreenliving.co.uk Forward your suggestions for events, videos, parks and green spaces etc to be added to “your” site.

“Greening Sussex by Sussex families”




Sussex Greener Living Campaign

Pedro launches his Sussex Greener Living Campaign.

South American Tree Frog

Pedro has been very busy setting up lots of new recycling schemes to divert waste materials from the landfill in Warnham.  These great schemes will benefit the William Penn Primary School in Coolham, WAKOOS nursery in Billingshurst, Sussex Wildlife Trust and the The Philippine Community Fund.  Billingshurst Primary School have also set up some of their own recycling schemes.  Read more

Recycling the non-recyclable!

For the benefit of families in the Philippines.

children scavenge on rubbish tipYour local council might not be able to recycle these waste resources (see below) but for poor families in the Philippines this waste will make the difference between having a meal or not that night.

A charity called The Philippine Community Fund www.p-c-f.org aims to permanently improve the quality of life for the poorest Filipino communities through education, nutrition, health, medical and family enhancement programmes, and to free every Filipino child and their family from the effects of poverty. Read more