Clothing Repairs

Our sewing team can turn their hands to most things textile related, from hemming to shortening trousers, replacing zips or invisible mending. We can repair all sorts of textiles from clothes to cushions and curtains.

As with the electrical repairs, the volunteers are brilliant at showing you what they are doing so you can hopefully repair some items yourself in future.

There are some things we are not able to repair due to not having the right equipment.

We cannot repair handbags and other leather goods.

If you have a zip that needs replacing, please remove the old zip and bring a replacement zip with you.

Please make sure all items are clean

We are now booking 30-minute appointment times for repairs so that you can be seen on time and that we can see a larger number of people for repairs. If we are unable to fix something within the time booked, the volunteer may agree to take it home to fix it, or if more extensive work is required that needs payment, they can discuss that with you.

We will be offering a few time slots in the afternoon for drop-ins, but it will be on a first come, first served basis and you may not get seen.

Before you book below, please see our House Rules (opens in new tab)

Clothing repairs