Earth Day Pledges

Pedro: help save the world!

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is on the 22nd April every year and is the day designated for fostering appreciation of the earth’s environment and awareness of the issues that threaten it.  Make a pledge, you don’t need to change your habits dramatically to help out.  If lots of people all over the globe pledge  “acts of green,” we will make a difference.  Read 10 ideas below or watch our video:


1. Reduce energy use.

2. Walk, cycle or take public transport. Keep your car well maintained if you have to drive.

3. Use cooler washing machine settings and hang out to dry.

4. Avoid buying new, go for second hand.

5. Buy locally grown foods.

6. Choose products with no or minimal packaging.  South American Tree Frog

7. Turn down the heating.

8. Recycle one more waste resource, ideas here.

9. Never accept a plastic bags.

10.Use own travel mug not one-time-use drink cups.

The list is endless!  

A further 15 tips can be found on this page.  

Perhaps your would like to share your pledges?  Sign up and contribute here.


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