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Tue 30th June – Horsham District Cycling Forum to provide an update on progress with the pop-up cycle lanes which are being installed in Horsham and an introduction to the idea of a ‘low traffic neighbourhood’

Tue 7th July – Eco churches by Horsham Churches Together

Tue 14th July – Waste reduction – reuse, resale, remake and recycling by Sussex Green Living/Horsham Repair Cafe but other contributors sought

Tue 21st July – Guildford Community Hub – we are going to learn about the Guildford Community Hub/Climate Emergency Centrewhich it is in the early stages of development. It consists of 12 different local organisations working together, their aim: education and engaging the wider population to drive behavioural change, and thereby try to reduce consumption emissions. Presented by Ben McCallan.  Could we develop a community hub in Horsham District? Maybe in Drill Hall!

Tue 28th July – Horsham Future Forum and Youth Eco Forum review – we are not running any in August and will start again on 8th September.


Horsham Climate Cafe Feature Presentation Events

Saturday 4th July – Life Celebrations with Your Pocket and Planet in Mind

This session will be focusing on life celebrations, and how to make them more pocket and planet-friendly. Christenings, weddings and funerals needn’t cost the Earth (in more than one way!). This talk will be given to us by Jeanie Francis, a Billingshurst-based OneSpirit Interfaith minister/celebrant (

Saturday 1st August – ‘Energy – Power Down, Insulate Up, and Green Up’

For this Climate Cafe, we will be joined by Cambridge Carbon Footprint trustee and Open Eco Homes manager Tom Bragg for a talk centred around how we can green up our home energy use to reduce both our bills and carbon footprint.

As we all become more conscious and interested in the sustainability of our homes, Eco Home Trails, where you are able to visit and be inspired by homes and buildings showcasing ideas and solutions to sustainability issues. Perhaps we could spark the beginnings of an Eco Home Trail in West Sussex centred around energy-efficient homes?! To learn more about the idea of Eco Home Trails, here is the plan for Worthing’s Eco Home Trail idea from last year

Saturday 5th September – Environmentally Friendly Gardening

Felicity Lewis and Joanne Knowles will join us to engage in discussions all centred around environmentally-friendly gardening – stay tuned for more details!

Saturday 3rd October – A New Story for Ourselves, our Community and Humanity

For this Climate café, we are honoured to be joined by author, academic and local environmentalist, Paul Hannam. 

Paul will discuss the main ideas of his new book ‘Significance – How to Focus Your Life on What Matters Most’ and how we can write a new story for ourselves, our community and humanity. Paul is currently developing a new university course for a North American University on responsible leadership and used to teach environmental management at Oxford University. He is also co-chair of Greening Steyning.

Paul’s writing and coaching align personal growth and wellbeing with social and environmental responsibility. His core idea is that if we want to survive and evolve as a species, we need a new story about what it means to be human. He calls this your Significant Story. See here for an excerpt from his book:

“My hope is that we will look back and see the coronavirus crisis as a watershed in history, the moment when we acted as global citizens to serve, and maybe even save humanity. If there is one definitive lesson from the pandemic, it is that we have an astonishing capacity to come together and unite under a common purpose. If we can maintain this resolve, imagine how many other global problems we could solve. We have the capacity to prevent ecological collapse and end poverty. We are an extraordinary species living in extraordinary times.”

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