Join the anti fracking Sussex anthem 1st September 2013

Balcombe frackingBelt it out @ Balcombe 2
Sunday 1st September 2013 2pm
London Road, Balcombe, RH17 6JH

Something interesting is happening at Balcombe. All sorts of people who have never been involved in protest are coming together, supporting and connecting with each other. In the process of coming together they seem to be waking up to what a dirty business fossil fuel extraction that powers our society really is. Read more

The search engine which plants trees!

ecosiaIf you have not heard of this search engine then give it a go  They are donating 80% of their ad revenue (currently to The Nature Conservancy’s “Plant a Billion Trees” campaign) and being 100% carbon neutral this is a venture which is surely well worth supporting.

“By making Ecosia your chosen search engine you can actually help the environment one search at a time”  – The Guardian


We want you, the people of Sussex, to take some ownership of Forward your suggestions for events, videos, parks and green spaces etc to be added to “your” site.

“Greening Sussex by Sussex families”

Grass-Fed Meat Revolution talk in Chichester

grassland management

An unmissable evening of talks and presentations by
leading authors and permaculture pioneers explaining how pasture can
Save Farming * Solve Global Warming * Feed the World
Increase Biodiversity * Re-Green the Deserts * Improve your Health! Read more

Eco friendly school lunch boxes

Waste free lunchPacking your child’s lunch allows you to save money, control what your child eats and help influence his dietary habits, all while avoiding the sometimes bad fare in school cafeterias. The traditional brown bags of days gone by are not only out of style in a modern lunch room, they are also a wasteful use of paper and are not the most efficient choice. Finding a green solution to the school lunch is easier than ever, and because eco-friendly choices are all the rage, these options are sure to make your child a school lunch trendsetter.


Read more

Wildlife & Environmental Awareness Day 26 August 2013

Brent Wildlife HospitalBank Holiday Monday 26th August 10 – 4pm Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital, Cow Lane, Siddlesham, Nr Chichester, PO20 7LN – Wildlife and Environmental Awareness Day – “Redressing the balance”.  Although entrance is free, they would be grateful if you could give a tin of dog/cat food on arrival!


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Importance of social awareness for children

children and natureParenting comes with a wide array of responsibilities, not least of which is teaching kids the importance of social awareness and giving back to the community. Volunteering and actively working to help others not only helps to make a difference in your community and the world beyond it, but also helps to instil a sense of compassion and responsibility in your children. Read more

Fracking in Sussex

We received this email from Greenpeace tonight.  Read this page and then follow the link below, their online template letter is a very easy way to express your disapproval at the increased fracking activity in Sussex, it takes minutes.

We are based near Billingshurst, currently our home is surrounded by test drilling in Balcombe, Broadford Bridge (near West Chiltington) and Wisborough Green, read on.  Read more

Families free bus tickets in the South Downs this summer

Greener travelThis summer, Sussex families who dread car journeys with kids can try the bliss of the Breeze Bus for free or half price, thanks to the South Downs National Park Authority, Brighton and Hove City Buses and Brighton and Hove City Council. The offer comes as new research shows that a fifth of Sussex parents travelling by car have felt their blood pressure rise and one in ten has been reduced to tears . A third of drivers have pulled over suddenly because of fighting and 38% have had their plans ruined by traffic. Read more

Forthcoming green events

Summer holiday fun


Looking for things to do this summer?  Here are three events which are free of charge and will get everyone into the great outdoors running around, letting off steam and having fun! Read more

Benefits Of Solar Energy

solar power

It seems as if just about every day environmental practices are gaining ground in the news. As our planet’s environmental challenges become clearer, and receive more coverage, more and more people are inclined to make personal efforts toward helping to clean up and preserve the environment. And much of these individual efforts deal directly with the concept of solar power.

Read more

Green Living Tips for Today’s Busy Families

Green HomeModern day families live a hustle and bustle lifestyle. Between driving kids to activities, working, shopping and maintaining a household, there is little time to think about the environment. Many decisions are made hastily and in the name of convenience because there is simply not enough time to plan for the long term and the big picture. Read more

National Playday outdoor free fun in Haywards Heath

Recycled masks

Wednesday 7th August 12 – 4pm

Entry free of charge

Come and join us for National Playday event in Victoria Park in Haywards Heath. The event aims to encourage young people and families to use the park and its facilities, the theme of the event being ‘Nature and the environment’.

The Sussex Green Living mascot Pedro and his recycled robots will be playing green games, to include:

Read more

Switched on to energy efficiency?

The green deal


Research published today by one of the leading energy suppliers, npower, has revealed that we are a nation which knows how to be green – yet affordability and motivation are preventing us from changing our behaviour. Read more

Is our water supply in West Sussex being poisoned?

Poisoned_waterTo Frack or not to Frack this is the question……You will have to decide for yourself if our water supply in West Sussex is under threat.  You may or may not be aware but Cuadrilla Resources Ltd have an application for a mining waste permit to manage wastes arising from an exploratory borehole to test for oil reserves at Balcombe in West Sussex, (also in Broadford Bridge near West Chiltington and Wisborough Green).  The question is how can a company dispose of this much radioactive and chemical waste safely? Read more

Cross ventilation saves money and energy

Green ventilationA common goal of homeowners in summer months is to cool your homes in the most efficient manner, while using as little energy as possible. Using cross ventilation to cool your home without using the air conditioner is an energy-efficient method that will save you money and help to protect the environment, but there are certain necessary elements to properly facilitate cross ventilation. Read more

A Sustainable Future for Tourism Business

Green Hotels in Las VegasWatching the green movement travel around the world has been an incredible sight.  As businesses make the decision to change over to green building practices and sustainable materials, it’s important that they are recognized and applauded for doing so. This ultimately helps other businesses see the benefits of making changes and becoming greener. As a commercial contractor, I’ve worked with a variety of business owners who just want to get LEED certified. However, it’s about doing something more, and these organizations and tourism businesses prove that. Read more

Moving into the Ecological Age

Fossil fuelOut with the old and in with the new we say!  It is time we move away from using ancient sunlight (unsustainable fuel sources) such as coal, gas and oil and we all need to harness the renewable energy of wind, sunlight and the sea.  I read this wonderful letter in the West Sussex County Times last week and thought I must share it with you.  Written by Nicola Peel an Environmentalist whose home is in Pulborough, West Sussex.  She spends her summers giving talks and working with schools and her winters in the Amazon doing incredible environmental work. Read more

Get along to the Eco Technology Show

eco technology show logo

This is the UK’s premier event for trade, building owners, occupiers, and the general public covering sustainable build, energy, transport and technology.  It takes place at the Brighton Centre on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th June.  We are to be there with our recycled stand on Saturday 15th.  Read more

Baby Expo here we come

Come and visit our recycled stand at the Baby Expo Show

Sunday 30th June at Brighton Racecourse

Recycled standSussex Green Living’s 100% recycled stand, Pedro and his recycled robots will be at this great event playing green games and sharing ideas about how people can lead a greener life, save money and help the environment.  

Our stand will illustrate how “there is no such thing as rubbish just a waste resource in the wrong place”.  Read more

The Very Mysterious Black Sack!!

old manMy office used to be an Eco Centre. Today an elderly gent shuffled in with a look of real surprise on his face as he realised it was no longer the place he expected it to be. Over his shoulder he was carrying a large, black plastic sack which was almost, at bursting point. “I’ve brought my milk bottle tops in for recycling,” he said. I quickly explained that the centre had moved but I could help, as my daughter runs recycling schemes and I could pass them on to her. As I spoke, I wondered how in the world I would manage to carry his huge sack home on the train as well as my own things. He took a hand-full of milk bottle tops (unwashed) from one grubby pocket and from the other he extracted a crushed can and left still clutching his black sack thanking me for being so obliging. I still have no idea, what the big black sack contained but what I can tell you is that the milk bottle tops continue to arrive a pocket full at a time!

By Reverend Jean Francis, Carrie’s Mother.  She’s a Interfaith Minister and spiritual counsellor trained by the ‘One Spirit Interfaith Foundation.  More information about her services can be found here


We want you, the people of Sussex, to take some ownership of Forward your suggestions for events, videos, parks and green spaces etc to be added to “your” site.

“Greening Sussex by Sussex families”

An evolving World of Green Initiatives

Getting off the Couch: Exploring a World of Green Initiatives

I’ll be honest… television almost ruined travelling for me. Why wander the streets of Rome renewable energy in citiesor climb the snow-packed peaks of the Rockies when I could watch someone else do it on T.V.? My urge to explore had run head first into a crisis of confidence. As an ecologically conscientious 21st Century man, how could I justify going to all the places I longed to see? For a year, I barely ventured away from my couch. Thankfully, others didn’t give up so easily, and with the proliferation of Green Initiatives; I got over my hesitation about as quickly as it takes to switch the channel. Read more

Supermarket or Super farm shop?

Buy one get one freeArriving recently at a well known supermarket, I was greeted by three wire bins boasting special offers. The first was multipacks of chocolate biscuits, buy one get one free, the second held bags of jelly sweets, two for £1, and the third was proudly declaring “Buy one multipack of crisps, get two free!” Read more

Two new Community Compost schemes launch

Community compost schemeBrighton & Hove celebrated the annual International Compost Awareness Week on Saturday 11th May with the launch of two new community compost schemes initiated by local residents. The first, for residents of Ingram Crescent in Hove, where over 30 households signed up to the scheme. A second scheme was launched on the same day for residents of Vernon Terrace, bringing the total number of households now involved in community composting to over 500. Read more