Biscuit wrapper recycling competition



Sussex Green Living is competing in the UK wide Biscuit Wrapper Roundup – a recycling fundraising competition to see who can save the most used biscuit wrappers from landfill…….. Read more

Recycled and Truly Green Paint!

Newlife Paint - recycled paints

Newlife Paints contain a minimum 50% recycled content, they are a truly ‘green’, high quality AND economical solution to add the finishing touches to any build or maintenance project.  They are based in Ford, West Sussex so local with minimal carbon footprint when it comes to transportation!  Read more

Visit wonderland Pooh House and Gardens

27th and 28th April 2013 11am – 5pm

Tucked away in the idyllic West Sussex village of Fittleworth is the magical one acre wonderland of Pooh House and Gardens.

Family outdoor event SussexOutdoor play for children

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Home Composter Offer for Sussex

Where to put your composterIt is National Compost Week 6th – 12th May 2013 and West Sussex County Council are offering home composters to residents.  WSCC aim to treat waste as high up the waste hierarchy as possible and home composters are one, easy way to help residents turn green waste into black gold for the garden.

Tell friends, family and anyone who wants to create free soil improver from their green and vegetable waste.

The offer:

With the 220 litre compost bin at £13 with a multi buy offer of ‘buy one get one half price’, and the 330 litre bin at £16 with the same

Learn more about composting here. 

Order a composter or two here. 

Learn more about National Compost Week.


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Nicola Peel’s work in the Amazon

Transition Horsham monthly open event on Thursday 25th April 2013

Time: 8-10pm

Rainwater harvesting

Sussex based environmentalist Nicola Peel will be giving an inspirational talk about her ongoing work in the Amazon. Over the last 10 years Nicola has been initiating both environmental and humanitarian projects around the world, predominantly in the Amazon.

She particularly likes to speak about the practical solutions that she has been putting in place and thus inspiring others to realise what a positive difference they can make in a global society.

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Earth Day Pledges

Pedro: help save the world!

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is on the 22nd April every year and is the day designated for fostering appreciation of the earth’s environment and awareness of the issues that threaten it.  Make a pledge, you don’t need to change your habits dramatically to help out.  If lots of people all over the globe pledge  “acts of green,” we will make a difference.  Read 10 ideas below or watch our video:

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The Floral Fringe Fair 2014

Knepp Castle 2014

Date: Sat 31st May – Sun 1st June 2014

Venue: Knepp Castle, West Grinstead, West Sussex, RH13 8LJ

The Floral Fringe Fair is a traditional outdoor event on a county estate.  The Fair aims to inspire people to make their gardens wildlife friendly.

What visitors said about the event in 2013 “A quirky, foodie, arty, plantaholics wildlife event with a vintage twist!” Read more

Happy Easter Green World!


Recycled easter bonnet


Easter Bonnet competition……Children learn about recycling and reusing in this Easter bonnet competition. This bonnet was made out of two plastic food bowls, dragonflies made out of Quality Street wrappers, egg boxes made into flowers and bugs and a recycled grass skirt – every girl should have one!

Oh and not forgetting the upcycled milk carton as a watering can!


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How Universities are going green

Green universities

As the global population increases and more countries become industrialized, resource consumption has skyrocketed. Natural resources by their very nature are finite and this exponential development has made it necessary for the most advanced nations to research methods to conserve resources and develop a less wasteful future. As the centers of research and thought in the country, universities are taking charge and standing as examples of how to conserve resources – take a look at the sustainable practices of some of these standout institutions. Read more

Environmental benefits of LED bulbs

Environmental benefits of LED lightingWhat are the environmental benefits of investing in LED bulbs?

Lighting is one of the major areas of energy usage within the home, and LED bulbs finally offer a viable alternative to filament lighting – while still delivering a high standard of light output. Read more

children and nature

Connecting children with nature

Connecting children with nature – 3 page printed article ABC Magazine

Horsham coffee waste packaging recycling scheme

PRESS RELEASE 28th January 2013

coffee packaging recycling

Sussex Green Living signed up to the UK wide coffee packaging brigade to enable the people of Horsham to recycle coffee eco refills, fresh coffee bean packaging, plastic lids off of jars of coffee and Tassimo plastic discs and outer wraps for the first time.

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Transition Horsham Seedy Saturday

Transition Horsham Seedy SaturdayThis is Transition Horsham’s annual seed exchange.  Whether you have seeds to exchange or not, come along and learn more about what you can grow in your garden and ways you can help the environment.  Sussex Green Living will be there with our recycling robots, playing green games!  See you there.

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Two more schools launch TerraCycle recycling schemes

TerracycleFarlington School, Horsham have just launched a TerraCycle recycling scheme.

West Chiltington Community School is about to launch.

Come West Sussex schools keep up with the Jones!

More information coming soon…….


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Car recycling for charity

Do you own a banger that’s merely gathering dust in the garage? Then you can do your bit for charity!

car recycling


Giveacar is a UK based fundraising organisation that specialises in donating unwanted and scrap cars to charitable causes throughout the world, including the Born Free Foundation.

They provide a FREE service which is available throughout the UK, and can work with you hand-in-hand in the following ways: Read more

Half term outdoor play

Aldingbourne Trust


The Aldingbourne Trust is one of the magical hidden treasures of Sussex. Take your children this half term, have fun and support this fantastic charity.

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Stamp recycling for charity

recycling stamps

  • If you want to recycle your stamps for charity: find a local stamp collection scheme, at a school, church or community centre. Or start your own!
  • Save all of your stamps, especially commemorative and foreign stamps.
  • Cut around the stamps, leaving a 5mm border.
  • Separate stamps if you can, into UK and foreign boxes. Read more

Waste Week 11th – 17th March 2013

Recycle binCome on Schools of Sussex get involved in Waste Week 2013

Waste Week is a fantastic opportunity to get the whole school learning about waste and thinking about how they can cut down on the amount of waste they produce, as well as how they can reduce the proportion that goes to landfill, by re-using, recycling and composting. Read more

Business Trends: The Future Looks Green

Wind powerPresently, businesses all over the world are focused on the development of sustainable and eco-friendly supply chains that can be built not only to support themselves, but can also actively improve the environment. Scientists are working to make sure green energy supply chains are environmentally friendly, while also being able to eliminate waste within the supply chain. Once this process is refined and is able to be rolled out to multinational industries, businesses will be able to uncover new opportunities to reduce costs. Read more

Seed Swap and Recycling Fun event

Saturday February 23rd, 2013 10am to 2pm.

Venue: Friends Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham RH12 1SL (opposite Sainsburys)

Sussex Green Living recycled robots

Come and seed swap, learn about our precious planet and ways in which you can help to protect it for future generations.  We are going to take some of our Sussex Green Living recycling robots to this event.   Read more

Our treasure hunt in the Gruffalo Woods!

On New Years Day we had fun in the secret Gruffalo Woods near Storrington, West Sussex doing a treasure hunt……

Gruffalo Woods

Learn more about our family treasure hunts and geocaching here.  If you would like to be kept informed about future treasure hunts or geocaching events with other families email us and we will keep you informed about forthcoming dates and events.

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“Greening Sussex by Sussex families”


Family fun in the countryside

Fittleworth geocachingDo you love getting out into the countryside? Inhaling fresh air, feeling the wind and sun on your face?  Do you need to occupy and exercise your children but be mindful of your weekly spend?  Well you can achieve all this and get some mental and physical exercise for your family by simply going for a walk in our wonderful countryside.  Then why not try geocaching? Read more

Driftwood art

Not only are they beautiful but they are using what Mother Nature has left behind to create another form of art. These ladies build horses out of the driftwood they find…..

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A beautiful poem for the planet

field of rapeseed
Here’s to the sun that will light up the day
Here’s to the joy that will replace the grey
Here’s to the trees that will dance without care
Here’s to the forests that will always be there
Here’s to the fox that recovers from fear
Here’s to the species to never disappear
Here’s to our race, it is human and kind
Here’s to the awakening of all that are blind
Here’s to the self that we all must embrace
Here’s to the healing that will then take place
Here’s to us feeling the pain of the world
Here’s to the joy that will then be unfurled
Here’s to the role that we all can play
Here’s to us bringing forth a better day
Here’s to the new year, hopeful and free
Here is to us, to you and to me.
Happy New Year.
Poem by Oliver Dudok van Heel a Be The Change presenter
We want you, the people of Sussex, to take some ownership of Forward your suggestions for events, videos, parks and green spaces etc to be added to “your” site.

“Greening Sussex by Sussex families”