Green cars and end of life car recycling

Toyota Prius HybridIllustrating a green car, not one needing recycling!

Sussex Green Living and the staff at Take One Productions are committed to lead by example in reducing the environmental impact of our operations and trying to live more sustainably.  We are not purporting to be experts in green cars, but in our search to purchase greener cars we have been extremely impressed by Toyota’s global long-term vision to deliver better, safer cars and mobility solutions, whilst respecting the environment and enriching communities.

We have just bought the Toyota Prius hybid illustrated above.  More to follow in another blog about our thoughts on buying a greener car.  Onto the important subject of recycling and recycling cars!

Toyota’s car recycling goals are that by no later than 1 January 2015:

Their reuse and recovery shall be increased to minimum 95 per cent and their reuse and recycling shall be increased to a minimum of 85 per cent.

Toyota's European Sustainability ReportThe following information has been extracted from Toyota’s European Sustainability Report.

Recycling of Vehicles

In 1997, the European Commission proposed a Directive with the purpose of making vehicle dismantling and recovery more resource efficient and environmentally friendly. The Directive 2000/53/EC on End-of-Life Vehicles was officially adopted by the European Parliament and Council toward the end of 2000. The Directive outlines quantified targets for reuse, recycling and recovery of vehicles and their components. It also encourages producers to manufacture new vehicles with recover ability in mind.

End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Collection Network

Toyota has gone to great lengths to increase the convenience of the recovery process for the last owner of an ELV. When a Toyota or Lexus vehicle reaches the end of its life, the driver can return the vehicle to any authorised, take-back point in Europe.

Drivers can be assured that their vehicles are reprocessed in accordance with current environmental specifications and technologies. In collaboration with the NMSCs, TME has contracts (either in negotiation or established) with treatment facilities in over 34 countries.

Providing Information to Economic Operators Network

Toyota has joined 27 other automobile manufacturers to set up the International Dismantling Information System (IDIS). The system has been designed to provide treatment facilities with information on environmental best practice for dismantling or processing of end-of-life vehicles. The information provided identifies the various components and materials that can be safely removed, reused or recovered and the location of hazardous substances within the


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