Sussex Green Living, is a young, energetic award-winning charity offering information, education, debate and practical ideas for an environmentally friendly lifestyle, reducing our negative impact on the natural world.

Our exciting new project is the Bright New Future Roadshow and our Inspiration Eco-Station. The Vision is for a sustainable, adaptable and entertaining Roadshow, offered free of charge to groups and organisations such as schools, churches, other faith groups, community groups etc, either on a stand-alone basis or as part of a larger event (for instance a “Village Day”). We would like to work with parish councils too who we hope might be able to offer a gesture grant towards our costs.

Goals for the Bright New Future Roadshow & Inspiration Eco-Station Include:

  • Offer creative, fun, educational, practical demonstrations and advice
  • Use interactive performances such as music, dance, drama and art
  • Promote discussion and increase understanding of the immense urgency of the Climate and Environmental Crisis
  • Inspire others to take action and share by word of mouth and example
  • Inspire changes to reduce carbon footprints, reduce waste and conserve nature
  • Encourage all ages to get involved in positive community action

The project is led by Carrie Cort

Carrie is CEO of Sussex Green Living. She trained with Al Gore with the Climate Reality Leadership Core and is also a qualified WSCC Waste Prevention Advisor and an Eco Schools assessor. Carrie works closely with many other local groups including Transition Horsham, Horsham Eco Churches, Greening Steyning, Vegan Fest Horsham and BilliGreen (Billingshurst environmental group who run our special recycling scheme for their community), who have all expressed an interest in being involved in the Roadshow.

What’s on Offer?

We could offer at a stand-alone roadshow or as part of a community event or our Inspiration Eco-Station on its own. Depending on the event and the space available, organisers will be able to choose from a ‘pick n mix’ of interactive performances and activities to accompany the static display of the Inspiration Eco-Station and the mobile School Woodland Theatre. When on site together they will be connected by a purpose-built waterproof shade sail, providing a covered and well-ventilated workshop or demonstration area.

Inspiration Eco-Station

A retro-fitted electric milk float, being designed with the help of volunteers Georgina Ullmann and by Digital Artist Emma Pile, with interchangeable information boards, advice and games:

  • Inspiring ideas to reduce carbon footprints
  • Changing to clean renewable energy
  • Divesting money from fossil fuels
  • The Future Home Game exploring how to make the environment more eco
  • Conversations around food choices e.g. growing food, local, in season, eating less meat and dairy
  • Buying less stuff, focusing on a game exploring fast fashion, clothes miles and sustainable solutions
  • 6 Rs – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Refill and Recycle conversations, talks and displays
  • Sign posting to local environmental groups and solutions
  • Inspiring vision of an exciting sustainable world and low carbon career opportunities

Mobile School Woodland Theatre

Clive Cobie’s  school woodland theatre project community truck is an exciting part of our bright new future road show. Clive will be promoting the idea for communities to plant a theatre area in their parish. He’ll create a visual example using  twenty five tubs with have native trees and examples of various different habitats.  These will be used to bring awareness of biodiversity and to encourage a reconnection to nature. There will also be  games to help adults and children understand different food chains in nature and their importance in achieving a sustainable future.

Movingsounds Workshop

Keith Ellis – Arts-based all age environmental workshops with participation and inclusion. The Connected Show, multi-media for schools and communities, looking at environmental issues and inspiring solutions, using music, video and performance, to facilitate an inspiring learning experience leading to pro-active change.

Choose from one or a combination of:

  • Music
  • Drama
  • Puppetry
  • Relaxation
  • Making (arts and crafts)
  • Discussion (using Moso Mind Map)
  • Songs and Music

Movingsounds are running a Youth Eco Training course to share what they have learned over the past 20 years, learn more and sign up here.

What Nature and Biomimicry Can Teach Us

Talks and activities about biomimicry by Nicola Peel, who has spent 20 years working in the Amazon immersed in deep nature, amazed at the sheer number of species encountered and what they have to teach us about materials, architecture, communication, design functions and so much more.

Environmental Dancer

Catherine Sleeman – Dance performances and workshops reflecting natural world beauty and climate crisis tragedy. Catherine leads the Sussex Green Living Youth Eco Forum, learn more here. The Lost Words Dances and A Tale of Two Bluebirds two pieces of Catherine’s dance choreography, filmed in lockdown can be seen below.

Roadshow partners Movingsounds share their connected show which looks at the environmental issues we face and inspiring solutions. Produced in 2010!

We hope that local schools will come and sing and dance at the Roadshow. How about learning the words to this song?

Our environmental dancer Catherine Sleeman’s dance choreography, filmed in lockdown, inspired by ‘The Lost Words’ by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris

Or this wonderful song ‘Be the change’, it includes the lyrics. Thanks to Emily Bardon Sing Up for letting us share this video.

Summertime bluebird to bring us hope, showing how dance can be used to tell a tale.

Carrie Cort CEO of Sussex Green Living and our environmental dancer Catherine Sleeman show how children can sing and dance for the planet

Watch as these kids show what makes organic farming the choice for the future in a surprising twist on a classic children’s song. Could you school plan and present at our Roadshow something similar?

Do you have a suggestion or could your school produce a video to go here?

Do you have a suggestion or could your school produce a video to go here?

Input from our Youth Eco Forum

Subject to location and availability:

  • Guided nature walks learning about woodland and possibly foraging
  • Creative writing about nature and climate change
  • How to inspire change through stories
  • Woodwork, arts and crafts etc.
  • Learn about an outdoor youth day the Youth Eco Forum are running here

Other Partners Maybe Able to Offer

  • Cooking, discussing, and eating sustainable food together exploring pros and cons of different options (organic, local, plant-based, zero waste…)
  • Environmental storytelling
  • Talks / presentations on environmental topics
  • Solar panel making workshops – we are planning holiday workshops learn more here
  • Wind turbine workshops – we are planning holiday workshops learn more here

We hope to find more groups and individuals with skills that we can use, and skill up some of our own volunteers to take part.

Sponsorship and Donations

Welcome from organisations and individuals to enable the launch of this exciting project in 2021. Please contact Carrie for more information about sponsorship including your logo on our Eco-Float.

Learn how you can support Sussex Green Living’s environmental charitable work through raising money for us, sometimes at no cost to yourself.

Learn more about:
Our outdoor education day and wind turbine and solar workshops here.

Our assemblies, lessons and workshops for schools here.

Feeling inspired to get involved?

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