For those wishing to teach children and young people about climate change and climate solutions we hope this list of fantastic websites, teacher and pupil resources is helpful. If you find other useful resources please let us know and we will add them to this list. For schools in West Sussex we offer FREE climate education assemblies and lessons. Schools outside of West Sussex there is a charge, learn more here.

FREE climate education webinars for teachers and educators…

In 2017 Carrie the founder of Sussex Green Living and Climate Reality Leader formed a group with other Climate Reality Leaders focusing on the education sector, they meet using Zoom webinars / online events from the comfort of your home or work computor. The group has grown and in 2019 a US Climate Reality Leader Stef Miller joined and has subsequently grown and formalised it into the Climate Reality Global Education Working Group. If you would like to join the group to share best practice, resources and support each other or just participate in specific webinars please contact us. You can learn about the talks we offer, including Climate Reality presentations here.

Most, but not all, of the following resources are accessible online without cost.

Sept 2019 – climate action week edition!

Climate change education resources

Please feel free to add to or amend this list and send your revised version to  

Most, but not all, of these resources are accessible online without cost.  

P – Resource mostly for Primary schools

S – Resource mostly for Secondary schools

Teaching resources, stimulus materials and programmes

A Giant Change:      P

Association for Science Education:

Climate Change Evidence and Causes:

Effective strategies for talking about climate change in the classroom:                       S

The Adventures of Polo The Bear (Pay-for book):    P

CBBC: In pictures, the changing world     P/S 

Centre for Human Rights and Citizenship Education (Dublin).  Teaching About Climate Change (Book).   P/S

Climate change, local and global:

Supporting resources:   P/S

Climate KIC:            S

Climate Visuals: Online images relating to climate change:

Design and Technology Association: Focus climate change (pay-for digital materials):      P/S

Eco Detectives (active science – phenology):             P

Eco Schools:

Energy (Primary – P):

Energy (Secondary – S): 

EduCCate (UN accredited teacher development programme):

Explaining climate change to adults (video by children):      P

Geographical Association:

(Primary – P)…

(Secondary case study – S):


Green Teacher:

Interclimate network:    S

Learning to choose: climate change:     S

Less CO2 (programme includes free workshops):    P/S

School Energy Efficiency:

Oxfam climate challenge 7-11:    P

Peacemakers (climate workshops):      P 

Practical Action:

Information: and

Teaching resources:    P/S

Promising Practices of Climate Action From 10 Canadian ASPnet Schools.  Case studies from Canada, downloadable at     P/S

Royal Geographical Society with IBG:

Climate 4 Classrooms:   S

Climate Change workshop resources:    S

Climate change resources (KS3):    S

Galapagos and El Nino (GCSE resource):   S

Engineering our climate:    P

Tempest resource extreme weather (Primary)    P…/teaching-resources/extreme-weather/

60 second guide to climate action:

Solutions for the planet:    S

The Protest – David Malvina.  E-book novel about youth climate protests.  S

Thinking through climate change:       P/S 

Time for Geography: Evidence of climate change (videos).   S

Transform Our World:   P/S

UN climate change / offsetting quiz:   P/S

Policy and background

The Big Issue: Putting climate change on the curriculum (Part of special edition, April 2019).

The climate curriculum petition:

Climate change solutions (mostly business and community, but run some events for young people):

David Hicks.  A climate change companion (Book).

Guardian language guidelines on the climate emergency:

NAEE blogs: 

Networks, action and support

Campaign Against Climate Change:

The Climate Coalition:

Climate outreach:

The Climate Reality Project Global Education Group (Facebook): 

NAEE (Environmental Education):

SEEd (Sustainability Education):

Teachers for the future UK:

Teachers Against Climate Breakdown (online space for sharing teaching resources):   P/S

UK student climate network: 

UKSCN teachers group:

West Midlands Sustainable Schools Network (network of organisations and individuals providing support to schools):

WWF: or

Related issues

British Council:   P/S

Affordable, clean energy for all –

Renewable energy – how can we keep the lights on?     

Hubbub: Plastic fishing:   P

Move More, Eat Well:   P/S

Plant for the planet:   P/S 

Sussex Green Living:   P/S


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