Sussex Green Living are making a community Cape of Good Hopes for Horsham District: a collaborative construction of mini artworks created by individuals and groups to bring the community together with the common cause of representing our joy in nature and our hopes for a sustainable future for our beautiful land.   We would love YOU to create a square!


  • Each finished patch will be 10 cms square. If you are more ambitious, you could do 10 cms x 20 cms.
  • Your patch can be stitched, knitted, crocheted, printed, painted etc-whatever medium you like using resources which you already have or which have been donated.
    We are suggesting starting with a piece of felt type blanket fabric so you have something firm to stitch on to. If you don’t have any you may be able to collect a piece and stitch with us at the Sussex Green Hub on the last Saturday of every month, 10 – 4 pm.
    Our Horsham Repair Cafe volunteers at the Hub will help you, its at the United Reformed Church, Springfield Road, Horsham RH12 2RG, next door to Springfield House.  Or collect from Mrs Jane Sharp, 13 Guildford Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1LU.  07874 040461.
  • Also available at the Sussex Green Hub will be a collection of embellishments for use on this project.
  • Depending on your piece, you may want to allow 1 cm extra all round as a hem to enable easier sewing onto the Cape. If you use other material like strong cotton or calico, we ask you to turn a small hem or use pinking shears or blanket stitch around the cut edges to prevent fraying.
  • With a safety pin attach a note with your name, any message or story behind your patch and where you created it.

Please complete by 25 June and return them to the Sussex Green Hub or to :
Mrs Jane Sharp, 13 Guildford Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1LU.

If you use social media, we would love you to share a photo of your patch on our and or tweet us on @Sussexgreen using this hashtag #horshamcapeofhopes

Please check out the Sussex Green Living website  for progress on the Cape and where it will be displayed.

Come on Horsham lets get creative and share messages of hope and action. We have been inspired to develop this project by the Coat of Hopes which was made to build connections between people and communities, to value and carry their voices, and to belong to all who would own it. This coat went on pillgrimage from Newhaven on the south coast to COP 26 in Glasgow. Learn more here.