Horsham Climate Cafe



The Horsham Climate Cafe meets on the first Saturday of every month from 2-4pm at the Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham, HR12 1SL (opposite Sainsbury’s car park) after the morning’s Horsham Repair Café (10-1pm). Come and join us!



What is a Climate Cafe?

Sharing the CAT Zero Carbon Britain 2019 report, download your copy here

  • Are you interested in finding out what little changes we can make as an individual to help the environment? Want to find out what action is being taken locally? Fancy meeting like-minded people or just having a chat? Feeling overwhelmed at the current environmental crisis and just want an outlet? Enjoy tea and cake? If yes to any of these, then the Climate Cafe is for you!
  • A Climate Café is an open group for anyone with a concern about the climate crisis, and will generate ideas about what action we can take individually and locally to make a difference
  • Visitors can enjoy delicious homemade cake, have a hot drink, enjoy a chat and join in or listen to the conversations about problems and solutions – come and get inspired!
  • Never been before? Don’t know anything about helping the environment? Not a problem – this is why we started our climate cafe! Bring a friend and come along to start the conversation and learning about what we can do to do our bit for the environment
  • Attend once, or every month!
  • Let’s share ideas and actions people can take to reduce their impact, maybe even taking away a ‘Pledge to the planet’ action each month! (Download your own online action plan here too – see our adult version and family version)
  • A clean energy switching service is also available here – simply bring your last energy bill and we can lend a hand, or use our site Big Clean Switch to do it from the comfort of your own home!
  • Anyone of any age is welcome to attend. Each month there will also be a dedicated area for young people. Since Greta Thunberg’s school strikes became headline news and the increasing concern about the climate crisis, there has been a demand from many young people living in Horsham District who want a relaxed space where they can come together and share their climate concerns and actions. This space will be for age 11 and upwards and led by young people where they can discuss concerns, hopes and action
  • Sussex Green Living has been developing climate mitigation solutions since its launch on Earth Day 2012, and includes initiatives such as offering free climate education and carbon literacy in schools, delivering talks about on climate and environmental problems and solutions to adult groups, setting up and growing single-use plastic recycling schemes (we now have 12 villages collecting for our recycling scheme run through TerraCycle). Our Climate Cafe is our latest extension of this!

We know from experience it can be difficult to talk about climate change with friends and family, so Climate Cafés are designed to provide a space to do just that. Come along, join in the discussions about our concerns, and let’s turn our worry into actions together!


Programme for the Horsham Climate Cafe

(Approximate!) Timings

2pm – Have a chat and a drink

Come and have a mingle or simply pop in to grab a flyer or two on environmental events, groups and ideas. And of course – help yourself to a cup of tea, coffee or soft drink and a piece of delicious homemade cake!

2.30 – Enjoy a talk from an outside speaker

Settle in for an inspiring 20-minute talk on an environmental issue or movement and learn about the action being taken locally to help resolve it, and more importantly – what small things can we do as individuals in our everyday lives to help or get involved? Followed by a Q&A. Check out our schedule of talks below or join our mailing list to find out what’s coming up and see which topics interest you most!

3 onwards – Open talking and sharing time

Our show and tell segment! Bring along or listen to one another’s handy little eco products and habits, tips and tricks (have a look at previous show and tells below for inspiration!). We also share updates on projects, local events or raise new ideas (and enjoy a drink and cake top up!)

4 – End

Energy advice and advice on switching to a renewable clean energy service will also be available at the Horsham Climate Café, or you can find out more or switch from the comfort of your settee here!

*Please feel free to pop in (and leave!) at any point throughout the afternoon – we’d love to see you there!*

The launch of our Horsham Climate Cafe – pop in and join us, we’d love to meet you!

Talk Schedule for the Horsham Climate Cafe


7th March – Greening Up Your Home and Small Green Steps Everyone Can Take to Make a Difference – Rachael – YOLO Eco (eco blogger)

Rachael runs a local blog following her eco mission and this talk will delve deeper into the changes she has made around the home. She is constantly learning, and is hoping to inspire others to change their mindset to think ‘ECO!’.

If you would like to explore Rachael’s blog, you can do so here!







4th April – Caring for the Environment and Restoring Biodiversity – David Bridges

Brown Hairstreak Butterfly, Neil Hulme


Biodiversity loss is not something just confined to remote and exotic habitats around the globe. The problems are right here on our doorstep. This talk will look at the importance of conserving wildlife at a local level, with practical examples drawn from a new community-based conservation project, Wild About Warnham.

Interested in finding out more? Check out their website and Twitter to learn more about the Wild at Warham project!






2nd May – Horsham Community Fridge and Reducing Food Waste – Sarah Renfrey


4th July – Fairer World Lindfield and the Circular Economy – Chris Lee and Peter Desmond

Chris will share the history & purpose of FWL and what has been achieved in the last 12 months, and Peter will provide an introduction to the circular economy, how it differs from the current linear economy and how it can help to reduce the impact of climate change around the world.

Fairer World Lindfield is a community group that encourages personal action to protect the environment, mitigate climate change and be more circular. If you want to find out more about them, you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!







1st August – British Flower Rocks – Ben Cross

An award winning 4th generation British Alstroemeria grower from Sussex will talk about how this sustainable crop is grown. He will also give an insight into the UK Cut Flower Industry and the need for more support and awareness for British Flowers – British Flowers Rock!

You can discover more about Ben and British Flower Rocks over at his Instagram, Twitter or Facebook – take your pick!




*Check back to see what’s coming up as more dates are added!*



Previous Talks


1st February – Horsham Climate Action Groups and Solutions – Carrie Cort


If you have any thoughts and ideas on talks you would like to hear, or are interested in giving one yourself, please get in touch at hcc@sussexgreenliving.co.uk!


Our Launch!

We were thrilled to launch our Horsham Climate Cafe on Saturday 7th December 2019. As well as locals and school/college pupils, among those attending the cafe’s launch were county and district councillors, Horsham District Council chariman Kate Rowbottom, and parliamentary candidates for the Green Party, Liberal Democrats, Peace Party and the Conservative Party. The Green Party, Liberal Democrat and Peace Party candidates all signed a pledge to take action on climate emergency, as well as inviting the public to Vote for the Planet and Climate Action in the forthcoming election.

Mock up newspaper from 29th Decemeber 2029!

Carrie also presented her ‘mock up’ newspaper dated December 29 2029, the headline reading – ‘Horsham District achieve zero emissions by 2030’ (what a dream that would be!). She said: “It is important to sow seeds of change, show people what the district could look like and inspire them to move in that direction and fast” – check out the full press coverage here. Together, we can help move the community towards a zero carbon Horsham District, and make this headline a reality!






Show and Tell!


At every Horsham Climate Cafe meet we look forward to sharing our own green tips and tricks, and part of this is a show and tell for environmentally friendly products and product switches. Knowing how we as individuals can help make a difference can often seem overwhelming or too difficult, but it needn’t be! It can be as easy as simple swaps on products and habits already in use in our every day lives, which is something we can all get involved with and excited about. Wanting some inspiration? Check back here every month for the latest show and tells shared at our Climate Cafe, or come along to a session to hear about them yourself. Perhaps you have a show and tell yourself? Come along and share your eco-hacks with us all, we’d love to hear them!



Cotton Facial Rounds

If you use cotton pads to apply your skincare routine, remove makeup or similar uses, consider saving yourself some money and buy some cotton facial rounds instead. They do the exactly the same job, except instead of having to be thrown away after use, you simply put them through the wash and they are ready to go again!




Food Sealants

Tired of using clingfilm or tin foil to wrap sandwiches and cover bowls and plates of food, only to throw it away once you’re done with it? Give one of these products a go instead! We can now buy different-sized silicone sealants that wrap around plates and bowls, keeping food fresh and protected, which can then be resused after a quick wash. The hot new trend beeswax wraps do exactly the same job, and are able to seal themselves over any shape you like – simply use your hands to apply a little heat around the sealing area, and the beeswax will mould to shape and hold itself there.




Deodorant Rocks

Swap out the ‘traditional’ deodorants and their plastic packaging for their alternative, the deodorant rock. Made of purely natural mineral salts, you just add a little water to the rock and then apply as you would a normal roll-on. These reduce plastic waste, are scent-free, and leave behind no stains on your clothes! If you prefer more natural products too, the mineral salt composition of these rocks also means you avoid synthetic chemicals otherwise included in deodorants. One rock can last you years – now that’s value for money!






                                                                    Moulton Bike

Here’s one for all the cycling enthusiasts – the Moulton bike. This bike can be disassembled into two halves, meaning it can easily be transported in a travel case, in car boots, and even taken on the train, allowing you to use it as an ‘urban bike’. However, unlike many other two-part bikes, the Moulton doesn’t compromise on performance for this, and so can also be used for performance cycling and laden touring.






Feeling inspired to get involved?

We are always looking for volunteers, so get in touch or come and meet us and see how you can get involved! Join us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, or sign up to receive our latest news (it only takes two seconds to add your email address – simply click on black ‘Follow‘ tab on bottom right of this screen!). Feel free to also send us an email using our contact form, or come and say hello at our events like the Horsham Climate Cafe or the Horsham Repair Shop!

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