Who are the Horsham Future Forum?

We are a collection of local groups who believe that the world is facing an unprecedented climate emergency, and that our Natural environment is being eroded. Both of these will have significant consequences for life on this planet. We believe now is the time for local groups across the Horsham District to capitalise on the positives from Corvid-19 by working together to help achieve lasting environmental changes.

The pandemic, while disastrous in many ways, has thrown up some unexpected gains such as cleaner air, valuing people more and cherishing our green spaces. We believe we all should learn from these climate and society benefits, aim for “better”, and not simply go “back to the old normal”.

Horsham Future Forum aspires to become a leading voice in encouraging consolidation of these gains at a local level by holding parish, district and county councils to account, supporting the efforts of its member groups to achieve change and taking action to promote attitude and behavioural adjustments across communities in the area.

Areas of interest to be explored:

  • Sustainable transport – improving cycling provision being a priority!
  • Community engagement (covid community volunteers) and joining up the dots of groups in Horsham
  • Energy – Insulate up, Power down and Green up
  • Better air quality we have seen from fewer vehicles on the road and reduced factory emissions
  • Reduced need for office space with more people working from home productively
  • The consequent empty offices converted into living accommodation helping to rejuvenate town centres
  • A reduced need to build on green spaces following former office space converted to housing
  • Change of attitude from a ‘throw away society’ to increased reusing, recycling, repairing etc
  • Encouraging realisation that material possessions are less important than people
  • Promoting an increased sense of community and a more caring and considerate attitude
  • Greater recognition and appreciation of migrant labour, low-paid workers, and those in the fore-front of caring for others
  • Ensuring natural environments and wildlife habitats are preserved, extended and created
  • And very importantly, not losing sight of Climate Emergency!

We are very keen to link with the local mutual aid groups that have sprung up in response to the virus.  As the immediate threat dies down, we are hoping to work with these brand new community structures to work together to build back better, fairer and greener. VIEW OUR HORSHAM DISTRICT GREEN DIRECTORY which is currently being produced. 

When and where

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday every month at 7 – 8pm using Zoom, some weeks networking sharing ideas, events and action and other weeks with talks by Horsham groups or with a local focus. Learn about the forthcoming topics and book your FREE tickets here. The joining instructions will be emailed to you a couple of days before the meeting.

When physical meetings can resume these will take place at the Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham, RH12 1SL.

Past topics can be seen here.  For more information, contact us here.

Learn more about the Horsham Youth Eco Forum here and the Horsham Climate Cafe which is on the first Saturday of every month 2-3.30pm here.

Feeling inspired to get involved?

We are always looking for volunteers, so get in touch or come and meet us and see how you can get involved! Join us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, or sign up to receive our latest news (it only takes two seconds to add your email address – simply click on black ‘Follow‘ tab on bottom right of this screen!). Feel free to also send us an email using our contact form, or come and say hello at our events like the Horsham Climate Cafe or the Horsham Repair Cafe!

Inspiring sustainable living in Sussex

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