It’s Springtime, so here are some activities for you to try! Click on the pictures to download and play these games!   If you’d like to send in some suggestions for outdoors activities that help children to explore nature, why not send them in to ?  We’ll turn them into games for you or put a link on our Kids’ Zone page so that everyone can enjoy your ideas!


Here’s a really hard maze!  if you manage to do it, send your pictures to with your name and we’ll give you a shout on Facebook!  If you get stuck, here’s a sneaky peek at the solution

Energy from the sun

Whatever the weather,  here are some lovely places in Sussex for you to explore.  COVID restrictions mean that some might not yet be open, so do check before you visit.   Click on the Sun or the Rain to see what you can do!

Friends of the earth

What’s more, you can go to lots of websites to learn how to love nature and get outdoors!    Here are just a couple of suggestions for you.  Click on the pictures and you’ll find that the websites of these charities have lots of activities to help you become a Planet Protector a WWF Nature Lover!