These were themes of past Horsham Climate Café virtual events, subsequent blogs and related links:

4th April – Sharing services offered by Sussex Green Living and the Horsham Quakers helping pocket, people and planet. Cleaning product and personal hygiene bottle refill services during lockdown offered by the Horsham Quakers learn more here contact Helen at  or on 07941 338169. We also discussed ways of saving money through switching to clean energy using our site here.  Sussex Green Living have been helping people switch at the Horsham Repair Cafe, everyone we have helped has saved between £90 – £366.

11th April – Educational eco-art competition ‘Clean up and create a bright new future’run by Sussex Green Living and the South Downs National Park was presented. There are 16 x £150 prizes to be won!

18th April – Saving money through growing growing and swapping food.

25th April – Develop a Horsham Local Exchange Trading Scheme and Future Economic Visions.

2nd May – The effects of Covid-19 on the natural world, our attitudes towards it, and how we can build on this for a more sustainable future. Our speaker Tony Whitbread followed this us with a blog, where we also link the recording of his talk for you to learn more, hear his thoughts and be a part of protecting our natural world post-corona.

9th May – Life in lockdown in Ecuador’s cloud rainforest and helping to raise awareness for the brilliant children taking their Ecuadorian Government to court over their right to clean air and water.  Also hear Victoria Wyllie de Echeverria’s PhD research on indigenous people in Canada, their connection to the natural world and the changes they have noticed due to climate change.

16th May – Recruiting schools for FREE solar and cheaper electricity – Shannon from Solar for Schools talked to us about how Solar for Schools can help schools and in partnership with Sussex Green Living they are looking for local people to help recruit a local cohort of schools to help transition to solar energy, and all for free. View the Solar for Schools presentation and other useful clean energy resources here.

Forthcoming events can be seen here.

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