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Procedure for setting up a Sussex Green Living

recycling scheme for specific plastics in communities:

If you decide to become a Sussex Green Living special plastic recycling location’, you would be diverting these waste resources from landfill/incinerator and helping us recycle them into new goods. The waste resources are dispatched through our account using pre-paid address labels to TerraCycle an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle materials. We have been running this service since 2012.

What would this involve?

  1. Decide which of the specific plastics (TerraCycle recycling brigades) from our list you would like to advertise for people in your community to collect If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will see TerraCycle posters which explain in more detail the waste resources on our list.


  2. Find some volunteers to co-ordinate, monitor, sort and dispatch the waste resources.
  3. Decide how many bins you are going to collect the waste resources in. At one school they just collect and dispatch crisp packages, however at another school we collect everything and have 5 bins – 1 for crisp packets, 1 for Tassimo coffee pods and packaging, 4. for bottle tops, 1 for dog and cat food packaging and the final bin for the other mixed resources.
  4. For our single use plastic drop off locations in Horsham District we are able to borrow bins from HDC and then the parish can brand them showing what people can put in them. If outside this area you could ask the recycling team in your district if they would lend you some bins. We have produced 1x1m banners which the village recycling locations can use to promote the scheme.
  5. Collect as required second-hand boxes to dispatch the waste resources in.
  6. When you have a box or some boxes ready to dispatch, if sending to TerraCycle through the Sussex Green Living account, let us know how many boxes and which waste resources you want to dispatch and we will email you the appropriate pre-paid address. Print and apply to your box(s) and then you or one of your volunteers will need to take the box(s) to your nearest USP location, found here
  7. Note: Inkjet cartridges, aluminium ring pulls, mobile phones and neckties if collected need to be delivered to Carrie Cort. They are not recycled through TerraCycle.
  8. If you are collecting just for our Sussex Green Living recycling scheme the ‘lead’ volunteer for each location will be asked to complete a volunteer agreement. The ‘lead’ would be asked to make sure any volunteers helping them read, sign and return our risk assessment, then you and your volunteers are covered by our insurance and waste transfer licence. All proceeds from the recycling are split between the William Penn School in Coolham and Sussex Green Living helping to fund our environmental work.

When you are able to confirm that you are ready to start collecting we will put you in touch with one of our volunteers who can induct you or your co-ordinator(s) in what can be collected, minimum and maximum weights etc. At our main location in Horsham every Wednesday we have a team of volunteers who meet to sort and package the waste resources, you could go and see the team in action. There are probably about 30 volunteers helping with our single use plastic recycling, they have been named the Sussex Green Living Wombles! Here are some photos of the Wombles and latest statistics

We have drop off locations in Horsham, Coolham, Thakeham, Storrington (once a week at the community market), Slinfold, Henfield, Pulborough, Amberley,  Nuthurst and Mannings Heath, with talk of other locations. Many of these ‘micro-drop off locations’ have been set up by the parish council. It is a good idea to get the local school or nursery involved, they are good places for the bins and will be able to help spread the word. We are able to deliver a free assembly and lessons in the school to help launch the new recycling service for the village or town, learn more here

When you are ready to progress your ‘micro-drop off’ location do get in contact with Kathryn on .

Want to get involved?

This is your Sussex Green Living! We would love to hear from you or just come to the next Horsham Repair Cafe or the Horsham Climate Cafe on the first Saturday of every month.

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