Ocean Bombed

Let’s Ocean Bomb Horsham and surrounding towns and villages!

What is Ocean bombing?

It’s like yarn bombing, where knitted or crocheted art pops up overnight and covers objects or structures in public places. Here are some fab examples 

The difference with our ocean bombing is we’d like to use up-cycled materials (plastics) as well as knitting or crocheting using acrylic wool (made of plastics).

We want people of all ages, whether you’re from the community, residential homes, schools, groups and businesses etc., to design and make a piece of street or shop art then ‘ocean bomb’ Horsham and surrounding towns and villages during the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019! You could even exhibit it in your school or a residential home – it doesn’t have to be on the streets

Then, if you can, move your art pieces and bring them to be displayed at our Share, Care and Repair Fair being held on 6th July in Horsham Square. We will be giving a prize to the best ‘installation’.


If you watched the recent documentaries Blue Planet or Drowning in Plastic, you will have seen we are producing and throwing away too much plastic.

In the UK alone, more than 5 million tonnes of plastic are bought each year. Of which only an estimated one-quarter is recycled with the remainder going to landfills where it will remain indefinitely, or incinerated, adding to global warming.
Learn about plastic pollution here.

This ‘Community Eco Ocean Art’ project aims to provide inspiring educational displays throughout Horsham and the surrounding towns and villages with community messages about ways we can deplasticise our lives and the reasons we need to.

Your art will communicate the importance of waste reduction, recycling and reuse. We also want it to highlight the environmental services already offered in Horsham.
Such as:

  • The water bottle refill service in many shops.
  • Personal and household cleaning product plastic bottle refill service offered once a month at the Horsham Repair Cafe.
  • Our special single-use plastic recycling scheme diverting plastics from landfill and incinerator to be made into something new and raise money for local charities. Download the flyer and collect.
  • Horsham’s very own ‘plastic free pantry’, Earthkind. They offer dry, organic and loose food service at the Horsham Repair Cafe and in Horsham Market 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month and the 2nd Thursday of the month in Wisborough Green.


You can Ocean bomb anywhere in the Horsham District including in water bottle refill shops/locations. Or if you prefer, you can display your art in your own village or town. Or even your school or other community places such as residential homes.


Any time between now and the 6th July 2019 and maybe longer!

Tell me more:

Between now and July we would like some of the art to be displayed in the shops offering a water bottle refill service to raise awareness of this important service.  Within Horsham town alone, there are currently (at the time of writing) 25 refill shops. You can find water bottle refill shops and locations by downloading an app – learn more here.

You can either make your art at your own chosen location or you can join our creative upcycling volunteers at the Horsham Repair Cafe (1st Saturday of every month 10-4.30pm. The clothes repairs, textile upcycling, knitting and crochet session is 1.30-4.30pm). We have plenty of space where our wonderful volunteers will help you learn the skills of knitting and crochet.

You can either work on your own piece or with others to create a collaborative piece of ‘ocean art’. This project offers a wonderfully creative and social opportunity for everyone, so come and enjoy a friendly and inspiring environment.

How big should the piece of art be?

If it’s going outside, don’t hold back, the world is your oyster! The bigger and bolder, the better!

If the art is to be installed in a shop window it should be no bigger than 55cm x 55cm. If you’re going to create a hanging art piece, then no more than 55cm in diameter – hula hoops are great for this!

You choose the materials to use, but we are looking for plastic-based materials such as acrylic wool or upcycled plastic (recyclable or single-use).

Each piece of art should include a sign promoting our Share, Care and Repair Fair where there will be a public display of the portable art and a message from the community artists.

Download the template here.

What next?

If you’d like to put your installation into a shop window in Horsham find where you’d like to put it – and have a chat with the shop owner to make sure they are happy.

To avoid clashing art installations, once you’ve agreed with a shop or identified a public structure/location please let us know by emailing – OceanArt@SussexGreenLiving.co.uk so we can confirm no one else has ‘reserved’ that shop or location and make sure it’s reserved for you.

Then, once you have ocean bombed/got your installation in place please email OceanArt@SussexGreenLiving.co.uk with details of the location, date installed and send us your best photo of your ocean art and community message. We will then share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will use the hashtag of #OceanBombed and hopefully your messages will go viral and help people to deplasticise their lives and at least make small steps in the right direction.

Your ‘ocean bomb’ art photos will be displayed at the Share, Care and Repair Fair. Better still, if you can transport your ocean art to the public exhibition at our Fair by the bandstand by 9am on the 6th July, that would be fantastic. Please contact us OceanArt@SussexGreenLiving.co.uk to agree the details.

What will happen to your art after the show?

After the show, we are hoping to have a roadshow of some of the art pieces.

The pieces not selected for the roadshow will go back into the community. We hope to get them displayed in schools, residential homes etc. for a period of time afterwards. Then they are likely to either be recycled or if they are hard plastics and have been painted they will have to go to Warnham.

If you’d like to keep your art to display yourself, then, of course, you are more than welcome to do so. Just let us know so we don’t offer it to others.er be recycled or if they are hard plastics and have been painted they will have to go to Warnham.

Any knitted creations can be dismantled/unravelled and knitted into something new!

The Share, Care and Repair Fair and our Community Eco Ocean Art project has kindly been sponsored by BIFFA and Horsham District Year of Culture who will be judging the ocean art.
Ocean Bomb certificates to all entrants!

We are part of the UN World Environment Day a global youth movement on Plastic Pollution.

Do something to #Beatplasticpollution and join us in #OceanBombing Horsham District and surrounding areas! We will share your artwork and message with the WORLD!

Green inspiration through the arts

‘Refuse, redesign, remake, refill, reduce, recycle and respect’

Kindly supported by: Horsham District Year of Culture 2019

Click to download

Credit – https://twitter.com/KnitsforLife

Sussex people inspiring a climate for change


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